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I believe that one of the best ways to prevent people from leaving the faith is to teach them as early as possible what the faith teaches. Sadly, because so many Catholic schools drop the ball, parents need a guide to help them out.

With that in mind, I've come up with a handy guide for them to use and divided them between K-12 and colleges.

First, the K-12 schools courtesy of NAPCIS:

-Angelus Academy in Springfield, VA
-Aquinas Academy in Bear, DE
-Corpus Christi Academy in Simpsonville, KY
-Holy Angels Academy in Louisville, KY
-Faustina Academy in Irving, TX
-Holy Family Academy in Manassas, VA
-Holy Rosary Academy in Anchorage, AK
-Huron Valley Catholic School in Ypsilanti, MI
-John Paul II Preparatory in St Louis, MO
-Kolbe Academy and Trinity Prep in Napa, CA
-Lumen Christi Catholic School in Indianapolis, IN
-Kolbe Academy Home School in Napa, CA
-Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Academy in Rockford, IL
-Our Lady of Victory School
-Providence Academy in La Crosse, WI
-Regina Luminis Academy in Downingtown, PA
-Regina Pacus Academy/ Cardinal Newman Academy in Norwalk, CT
- Rhodora J Donahue Academy of Ave Maria in Ave Maria, FL
-St Agnes School in St Paul, MN
-Spiritus Sanctus Academies
-St Ignatius College Preparatory in Fort Worth, TX
-Trinity Academy* in Pewaukee, WI

Now, if one has college age children, the following colleges have the Cardinal Newman Society seal of approval:

Updates to this will be made when new information becomes available

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