Sunday, November 27, 2016

10 Things I Hope Will Go Away in the next Four Years



10. Obamacare

Yeah, I figured I should get the most obvious one out of the way. We all know what a disaster Obamacare has become with its skyrocking premium rates, the lies the Obama administration told about it (remember the whole "if you like your current coverage, you can keep it" thing?), the joke turned into, and being told it wasn't a tax..even though they changed their mind about that after the Supreme Court ruled it is a tax.

And dont try any of that "it wasn't fair people with pre-existing conditions were denied health care insurance" with me. Insurance involves risk and it wasn't fair to ask insurance companies to take on more risk, knowing full well they wouldn't be able to keep going like that. Now we have less people being able to afford insurance in an area that defies all logic if it were applied to any other type of insurance.

9. Bill Maher's/Seth McFarlaine's career

Quick disclosure: these two left-wing atheist tools have inspired me to create a whole new series for this blog. I'm not sure what to call it, but I'm learning more toward either "Profiles in Atheist Stupidity" or "How Does this Atheist Hack Still Have a Career?"

Anyway, back to the point: I can't decide whether either of these men (and I use that term very loosely) are insufferable pricks or insufferable idiots. One of them once compared retarded children to dogs; one of them claims to be for gay rights yet turns around and reduces gay people to stereotypes. Both men have said things that would have landed a conservative in hot water, yet neither one has ever apologized or explained themselves.  Both men are in charge of shows that even their strongest fans have admitted aren't as good as they used to be and wonder why it's still on the air.
Have I also mentioned neither man has ever been married but unlike other single men, there's little question as to why no one ever married them?

Here's hoping the political winds change enough where no place exists for either one of them.

8. Social justice (BUT ONLY the wacko version)

What do I mean by that? One may never know this based on protesters, but there are two versions of social justice and what you're touting will show whether you have the correct version:

If your version of social justice promotes the sanctity of life, subsidiarity, private initiative, private charities and the belief we can solve the problem ourselves, then you have the correct version of it.

But if your version goes on about structural racism, feminism, liberation theology, calls on government being the solution to all problems, acts nasty towards people who disagree with you or anything associated with a "social justice warrior"...
then you're a thief and you need to stop stealing this term from other people.

7. Man-buns

I have no idea how this trend got started, but if you're a man and want to wear your hair long, either wear a ponytail or let it flow loose (or better let cut it short). Stop wearing your hair in a way that makes your head look like a tied garbage bag.

And stop having your sons wear their hair like this too: they look even more stupid wearing their hair like that.

Speaking of kids...

6. so-called "transgendered" kids.

Let me make this as clear as I can: there is NO SUCH THING as a transgendered child. There are only delusional children that need to be set right concerning their gender. I foresee more parents telling these kids they're not old enough to make this decision themselves and informing them they will outgrow this.
Sure, this may take a good deal of fighting on the adult's part, but anything right is worth fighting for.

5. Liberalism on college campuses.

I consider myself lucky because at my alma mater, there was no liberalism anywhere on campus. The closest it came (at least from my experience) was when I had an economics professor that promoted Keynesian economics but that was about it.

But I also understand not every college student is that lucky. I hear stories every few months about colleges shamming a student for touting conservative values, exposing how much the college in question is a complete waste of money based on what little students actually learn, wacko protesters who clearly don't care about being in the wrong, and useless degrees that make the graduate ill-equipped for the working world.

Now I hear colleges are setting up "safe-spaces" for students who can't cope with life? At first, I thought that was a joke article from The Onion...but no...actual schools are building these because their campus is filled with too many pansies to function right.

Luckily, more people are having enough of this and even an Iowa lawmaker plans to introduce a bill that will prevent colleges in the future from doing this.

4. Political Correctness

I will be so glad when political correctness is gone for good. Someone once asked me what I found the most annoying about political correctness and while it did take me some time to figure it out, I finally concluded it all boils down to not saying what you really mean.

Think about it: when you say something supposedly politically incorrect, what's the main thing someone says? Isn't it almost always someone might be offended? But have you ever noticed the people claiming it never say who's actually offended?

Here's a little test I do: whenever someone tells me I'm offending someone, I ask them to "present them" other words, show me who's offended. I've found nine times out of ten, they won't be able to produce anyone. If they can produce someone, most times I find the person is just faking being offended; in the rare event they are actually offended, I set them straight and make it very subtle but well-known that unless they can prove me wrong, I flat out won't care about them being offended.

3. Any shirt in favor of Fidel Castro and/or Che Guevara.

To be fair, this one didn't occur to me until after I heard of Castro's passing, but the more I thought about it, the more disgusting I now find both shirts.

Unless you're 100% clueless, you should know about how brutal these two men were in their lifetimes and no claims about high literacy rates or so-called cutting-edge medicine is going to change that fact.

[Sidenote: the sources for both seem to be the Cuban government, which is notorious for exaggerating and flat out lying about everything.]

Think of it like this: would you like it if you saw someone wearing a shirt promoting Hitler, what would you think?

Whatever answer you gave, that's the same reaction rational people have to these other two.

2. Feminism.

Before I get anything about this, let me make one thing clear:

If feminism is just saying women deserve the same rights and same opportunities as men and LEFT IT AT THAT...fine. BUT...

that's not what it says.

Look: I'm not going to pretend I've read any feminist philosophy but I'm also not going to pretend I've never heard feminist arguments and why none of them make any sense:

-Women make less than men because they're less likely to sacrifice family for a career and are less likely to take higher risk jobs which entail higher pay.
-When people disagree with you, there is NO NEED to think it's a personal attack against you. It's because your argument is poor and your facts dont add up.
-People didn't vote for Hillary because she's a woman; they didn't vote for her because she was a horrible candidate and any female presidential candidate not named Hillary Clinton is far more deserving of being America's first female president.

And most key:

-Abortion is NOT a reproductive right. A right by definition doesn't involve taking the rights away from another living being.

So drop all this "all men are evil and/or a potential rapists, all men are stupid, we'll be much better off once we remove institutional sexism" garbage and wake up to reality.

1. Atheism in general

Yeah, I know this is wishful thinking and several events would have to happen for atheism to finally go away, but I'm convinced once all the other events happen, atheism will have no reason to exist anymore.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Reverse the Roles



Now that it's been almost a week since Election 2016 has been decided [and the reaction thereof], I've needed some time to articulate how I feel about the election.

After consideration, I've come to the conclusion that the best way to view this is to play a game called "Reverse the Roles." If you're not familiar with the concept, here's how it works:

Take a scenario with a given conclusion, then reverse who is affected by what and ask yourself if the conclusion is still valid. Here's some examples:

-A news report tells you a parent has been found guilty of physically abusing their child. No doubt you find this horrifying...yet reverse it and now the report says a child is physically abusing their parent. Is it any less horrifying?
I believe most people would say no: it's equally horrifying.

Let's take another example:
-A male boss tells his female subordinate that she has to start dressing in revealing clothing and start having sex with him or she's fired. Sure, we'd be outraged at this and immediately call this sexual harassment, but would you be equally outraged if it's a female boss telling her male subordinate that?

Now that we have it down, let me ask you this:

If Hilary won the election and all the Trump voters went out on the streets protesting, causing riots, and petitioning the Electoral College, what would you say? Would you call them sore losers? Would you call them childish or dismiss their actions as being so typical of their mindset?

Then why should we react any differently when Hilary supporters do it? I remember all the conservative voters who said they'd move somewhere else if Obama was elected..

OH WAIT: they DIDN'T do that because I've yet to see conservatives be that childish.

And don't even try with any excuses like "voters are racist" or "the average voter must hate women" or anything else along those lines. Once again, did you hear conservatives say "voters must secretly hate Mormons" when Romney didn't win? Of course not...


Jesus teaches by their fruits you will know them (Matt 7:16). What does all this say about the fruits of liberals and their fellow travelers atheists?