Sunday, November 13, 2016

Reverse the Roles



Now that it's been almost a week since Election 2016 has been decided [and the reaction thereof], I've needed some time to articulate how I feel about the election.

After consideration, I've come to the conclusion that the best way to view this is to play a game called "Reverse the Roles." If you're not familiar with the concept, here's how it works:

Take a scenario with a given conclusion, then reverse who is affected by what and ask yourself if the conclusion is still valid. Here's some examples:

-A news report tells you a parent has been found guilty of physically abusing their child. No doubt you find this horrifying...yet reverse it and now the report says a child is physically abusing their parent. Is it any less horrifying?
I believe most people would say no: it's equally horrifying.

Let's take another example:
-A male boss tells his female subordinate that she has to start dressing in revealing clothing and start having sex with him or she's fired. Sure, we'd be outraged at this and immediately call this sexual harassment, but would you be equally outraged if it's a female boss telling her male subordinate that?

Now that we have it down, let me ask you this:

If Hilary won the election and all the Trump voters went out on the streets protesting, causing riots, and petitioning the Electoral College, what would you say? Would you call them sore losers? Would you call them childish or dismiss their actions as being so typical of their mindset?

Then why should we react any differently when Hilary supporters do it? I remember all the conservative voters who said they'd move somewhere else if Obama was elected..

OH WAIT: they DIDN'T do that because I've yet to see conservatives be that childish.

And don't even try with any excuses like "voters are racist" or "the average voter must hate women" or anything else along those lines. Once again, did you hear conservatives say "voters must secretly hate Mormons" when Romney didn't win? Of course not...


Jesus teaches by their fruits you will know them (Matt 7:16). What does all this say about the fruits of liberals and their fellow travelers atheists?

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