Friday, April 25, 2014

A Test 99% of Atheists Fail


The Angel Possenti:

For this post, first look at these two photos:

One of these men was convicted for possession of child pornography. Care to guess which one?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Exposing Atheist Stupidity



All credit goes to Liberal Logic 101 for this:

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Creating God's Economy: Tails



Last week, we focused on how we can change the economy on the personal level. Now, some people will look at the plan and say "All you say makes sense, but how am I supposed to save when the cost of things keep going up?"

The rising costs of everyday items can in some way be traced back to government interference in market prices. For example, you may have noticed the price of beef keeps going up. If you look into it, you will find the feed that would normally go to feeding cattle instead goes to creating ethanol, which was first touted at an alternative to gas but it now turns out it takes more energy to create than it produces, and pollutes the air even more than gas. Yet in spite of this, the government keeps supporting it.

1.       Repeal the 16th Amendment
There is no way around this and this is not open to negotiation. The federal government must be stripped of its authority to tax our income no matter what form our income takes. Our system is too confusing, it’s too corrupt and now several elected officials now admit it’s nothing more than a criminal enterprise.
While we’re on the subject of repealing, we must also repeal Congress’ authority to regulate the lives of Native Americans ( Article 1, sect 8, third listed power for those wondering where it says that). Everyone should have an equal chance at success but we must make it clear we can’t guarantee equal results.
Speaking of which…
2.       End the Fed
The Fed serves no purpose whatsoever, no one knows what it does, it causes multiple problems, it has no transparency, and each head—regardless of who picks them—has the impression they’re free to screw with our greenbacks. This is why our money isn’t worth as much as it used to be and why most times savers wind up being losers.
3.       Privatize Social Security
The numbers simply do not add up to keep things going for much longer. The number paying into the system is far, FAR less than the amount being paid out. We need to work out a system where we can deliver some promises but some will have to be on their own; each and every dollar invested for the future MUST NOT COUNT AS INCOME!!—that is, if we cannot avoid taxing income.
4.       Create an alternative tax system.
This took a bit of research from me to figure out. Since we don’t want income taxed but the government still needs some revenue, what alternatives can we suggest?
               There have been many suggestions about how to go about this, and I’ve narrowed it down to two ideas:
-Implement the Wayne Allen Root Tax Plan
     This plan written in Root’s The Conscience of a Libertarian has half of the government’s revenue coming from charges on imports and the other half divided  evenly1% between the 50 states with each one free to decide for themselves how to come up with their portion.
-Implement the True Tax Plan
   This plan, considered THE tax plan of the TEA Party, charges a 1% tax but instead of it being placed on income, it would instead be placed as a sales tax and only businesses would be required to pay it. This would of course leave each state free to decide whether they want to add additional sales tax.

5.       Implement the Stossel Rule
Created by Fox News anchor John Stossel, this rule states if the government has to pass a new rule (understanding times change, and circumstances change) they must get rid of at least five rules.

6.       Make it easier for people to own their jobs.
When he was still a congressmen, Dr Ron Paul proposed a bill that had it passed would have created a separate company type that revolved around employee stock purchase plan. In Spain, there already exists a company that does that; it's called Mondragon. But thanks to the indifference of his peers, the bill never even made it to committee. 
'Nuff said.

8. Remove all federal standards on the minimum wage.
But "wait", the people say. "How can you get rid of the minimum wage? Wouldn't that put the worker at the mercy of their employer, who would be free to pay them as little as possible?"
"Calm yourself", I would tell them and then point out there is no point to any federal standards anyway since the vast majority of workers are payed higher than minimum in the first place. Plus, if you're concerned about people not being able to live on the minimum, then you are misguided. Why? 1) It was never designed to do that, even back when it was first implemented and 2) the people who apply for minimum wage jobs are those just entering the workforce and thus need the experience to advance in life. 
Bottom line is this: how much a man makes is between him, his spouse (if he has one) and his employer.

9.       Come up with a plan to start paying off all national debt.

Believe it or not, there was a time when it was believed government has to follow the same rules as a private company or an individual. That was prior to the 30's, where the government adopted a variation of Marxist theory called Keynesianism. Whenever you hear an official say "debt doesn't matter" or "the government must prime the pump", that's Keynesianism. Ever since then, our debt just keeps skyrocketing with no end in sight. 
But as anyone who has paid off their debt knows, it's not impossible but just takes time to do it…and it takes discipline. 

Once again, we turn to Ron Paul to put the government on a strict diet, only this one comes from his Plan to Restore America. Here's the link:

10. Create a counter-progressive movement.
The government won't listen unless we make them listen. They have to be badgered every hour at every day to make changes. The last government shutdown changed little or nothing in our lives…proof positive we don't need it to run everything. We do a great job of that ourselves.
In fact, we have, for lack of a better word, become reluctant promoters of subsidiarity. We have what we need to start things up again. 

Atheists have been behind this disaster and they have shown they're idiots. They must be pushed to the side (by force, if need be) and things will be brought back to sanity.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Change of Name



A new regular post is coming but I would like to take the time to point out I have decided to change my online handle from The Masked Angel to The Angel Possenti.

No…there is no actual angel by that name but I have chosen the name partially because of my Mediterranean back ground but also for all the times I myself have dishonored the sacred wounds of Our Lord. As he is currently the patron saint of students, seminarians, and clerics (three groups that need the most help) and according to some, the patron of gun owners (though there doesn't seem to be any proof to the story concerning that), what better moniker to use for the cause here at the blog?

Also, you may notice I have changed my profile picture. For those who can't read it, here's what it looks like:

There is none more tyrannical than atheists.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

How to Create God's Economy: Heads

                                                    +IN JESUS, THROUGH MARY+


It's been some time since I've put up a new post, but I admit this next subject required a bit of research on my part. It concerns a subject that many people don't know the Catholic Church has weighed in on but we have let secularists and atheists dictate the outlook and outcomes. Since I have established time and again atheists are idiots, we need to get back to what God says about how His Children are to handle the gifts given to them.

Now, one may wonder what the phrase heads has to do with how to fix our economy. Often people—who oddly enough all bill themselves as financial and economic experts—say “if only we do this” or “if only the government does this” then things will be better. Yet one is often at the expense of the other and not in support of it. I agree with people who say government should not go past its proper authority but like it or not, government is part of GDP calculation. So instead of viewing personal choices and government policy as either-or, we must view it instead as two sides of the same coin.
This took me quite a bit of time to research, weighing all the advice out there and the economic theories that sound nice on paper but don’t work in practice.  I’ve now realized all the grand theories in the world don’t mean a thing if people—no, I am not demeaning them by using the term “consumers”—don’t change how they live their lives.

Why is that?
Our American economy is the most admired in the world, but once you look at it close enough, it’s in reality pretty stupid…in the sense it more reacts than acts on anything—playing solely defense if you will. Every product and service that exists only exists because there is a demand for it…demand that the people provide. So the power does lie with us.

So how do we get that power back?

1.       Read what the Bible says about debt.
In the D-R Bible, the word debt is flat out used nine times and each time it's portrayed in a negative light. In fact, the only time debt is implied in a positive light is in relation to the debt we have for what Christ has done for us.
In the Torah alone, debt was paid off in the form of temporary enslavement so you can imagine the connection between debt and slavery.

2.       Look long and hard about your own finances.

It's not how much money you bring in a year but how much you're worth. What's the difference? The first one is how much you work for money and the second is how much money is working for you. Another key difference is the first is how much money you bring in after paying bills and the second is how much you have minus what you owe. 
Here is the crux of how atheism has infected the economy (at least on this level): we have convinced ourselves that we have to have everything in order to be rich. We see this in "buy now, pay later", "pass the buck onto the next generation" (more on this in the next blog) and "you need credit to make ends meet."

[Quick side note about that last one: many people just starting out think they need a credit card to build credit history. The truth is only 10% of your overall score is based off of credit history length; the vast majority is based off how well you pay bills on time and how much total debt you have.]

If you still are convinced you you must borrow to get ahead, consider how people lived in the 50's: most everything was paid with cash and people who worked then have far more worth than people today. 

3.       If you are in debt, form a plan to get out ASAP!!
You can’t change an economy if you’re always a slave to it and some companies have convinced people they can’t live decent lives without going into debt thereby making them permanent slaves. (bible verses about this). After looking into proven methods of how to get out of debt, the best works I’ve found are from Dave Ramsey and (author of Faith Finances).  I’ve read both methods and I prefer the second one (though I suspect they both meant the same thing). Here are the links to both methods:
For Dave Ramsey, click here.
For Faith Finances, click here
4.       Start tithing
I know at first glance this one doesn’t make sense in light of the fact I just said pay off all debt, but consider this for a moment: social programs to help the less fortunate do a better job if they’re run by churches and private charities. Yes, some don’t manage funds well, but overall they have a much better track record than government programs. So where will they get the funds from? We don’t want government handouts, so the only other options are donations and trust funds, both of which require the donors to be financially free.
5.       Own as much assets as you can.
This goes hand-in-hand with 3, but many don’t realize the difference between an asset and a liability, so let’s do a little quiz for this:
Which of the following items are assets?
-a house
-a rental property
-stock portfolio
-certificate of deposit
-an itunes music list

If your answers included either the first one or the last one, you don’t have a firm grasp of assets. Without getting into too much financial jargon, let’s just say there are many sources available for people to learn the difference. (we’ll come back to this concept in the next
Blog post.)

6.       Change your attitude about how money works.
There is truth to the adage “whoever has the gold makes the rules.” Why else do you think all these companies produce and think they can get away with producing such inferior, morally offensive products? And why would they listen to people who can’t make ends meet? Adult-oriented companies would have disappeared AGES ago if enough people of God bought them out, shut it down and liquidated all available assets. In fact, if Christians owned enough of America, almost no smut would exist…a pipedream, sure but it would at least be more plausible.

There are two parts of every economy: the micro and macro. However, this issue, like other issues, must begin from the ground up. 
Come back next time for what we must demand from the government.