Sunday, November 29, 2015

Fun with Christmas Political Correctness



It's that time of year where the vast--and I mean the VAST--majority of Americans celebrate Christmas (yeah, I said it). Despite the fact the odds are good any given person you come across also celebrates Christmas, good luck trying to find any major company or shop that will wish you a happy or merry Christmas. It's almost always "happy holidays" or worse still people say nothing for fear of "offending somebody."

Yet people don't have any problems with saying other holiday names; it's like they're saying "we're willing to defend every culture in the world except our own."

So since they can't be trusted to see the folly of their own stupidity, I say have fun at their expense. I guarantee you the exchange with them will go something like this; for argument's sake, we'll call the common sense person Faith and the PC person Clueless Kate.

Clueless Kate: "Faith, here's your invitation for the company holiday party."
Faith: "Great. What holiday are we celebrating besides Christmas?"
Clueless Kate: "oh..Hanukkah."
Faith: "Hanukkah doesn't happen until long after this party."
Clueless Kate: "oh…then Kwannza."
Faith: "None of the colors we have match that. Try again."
Clueless Kate: "Ramadan."
Faith: "That was earlier this year. Try again."
Clueless Kate: "Festivus."
Faith: "This isn't Seinfeld. Try again."

Clueless Kate, rather than admit her own mistake, will either retreat or call you a bigot.

If you think I'm lying or exaggerating, consider this actual email I received from a friend when he asked his workplace this exact same question; the company's actual name has been changed to protect their sorry hides:

In an inclusive office environment such as Smith Inc, we recognize that our employees celebrate the holiday season according to their personal beliefs, and therefore we do not identify a specific holiday to represent Smith Inc as a company.

Our employees, however, are welcome to express their goodwill toward each other during this season as they see fit.

Thank you for your interest, and please let us or your agency/employer know if you have any other questions.

What makes this especially hilarious is the company in question included in the email a gift package picture that was colored red and green (colors ONLY associated with Christmas) and had a Christmas tree in their main entrance.

This is as stupid as letting two known atheists be grand marshals of a city Christmas parade.

But this is the state of affairs now. What are you going to do to stop it? Are you going to let atheists get their way?

Why would you ever do that? Atheists are idiots.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Turkey Day Quickies



I'm not going to lie: plenty of major events as well as some personal news have happened in the past few days…so many in fact if I were to give them each their own post, I'd be stuck writing all day.

So with that said, here are a few insights, news and little tidbits I've come across. I should also note these are in no particular order of importance except this first one:

                                                        Concerning the Paris attacks:

I do mourn for those lost in the attacks…unlike others who use the "you're in my thoughts" cop-out. And I do applaud any and all efforts to limit or flat out block Syrian refugees from coming to America.
For anyone who thinks that sounds racist or unwelcoming or if you're going to give me some lame interpretation of the Good Samaritan, consider this:

We have confirmed cases of ISIS fighters masquerading as refugees. In addition, one recent study showed a significant number fleeing ISIS who actually either agree with ISIS or at least think ISIS has the right idea.

Strange: when Jews fled the Nazis, I don't recall any of them agreeing with their oppressors.

                               Concerning whether this means war against Islam:

I do wish we actually could have an honest look at what Islam teaches or where ISIS got the idea their actions are justified but I'm afraid with how hypersensitive everyone is, that might not be possible. We're at the point that even suggesting this idea is considered offensive.
But let me make one thing clear: I don't think every single Muslim is a terrorist. I do think (and can show) of those who have committed terrorist acts, they are almost all Muslims.

And for those who say we are at war with Islam….you're right but not for the reasons you think.

I'm not talking about a war in the sense of guns blazing, armies going in and fighting. I don't have the authority to declare that and frankly, neither does anyone calling for war against Muslims.

What I am talking about is a war against all enemies of Christ's Kingdom and I'm not alone in that. Every Church Father, Doctor of the Church and even the Bible itself calls Islam at best heretical and at worst antichrist.

If that last one sounds harsh, consider this: The Bible sets three criteria on what is antichrist:
-Saying Christ is not the Messiah
-Saying Christ is not of God
- Saying Christ did not come in the flesh

Granted, you only need to meet one of these criteria, but based on what I know about Islam, it touts two of these.

So yes…I applaud any and all efforts to make sure Sharia Law is NEVER the rule of law in America.


                            Concerning the Stephen Colbert interview with Bill Mahar:

Normally, I would applaud any and all attempts to invite people back into the Catholic Church…as long as the person extending the invitation is not Stephen Colbert.

I have never been a fan of his work ever since he was on Jon Stewart and I don't really care for him now.
And if he was the official poster child for American Catholicism…The Church in America would be in more dire straights.
Proof positive of this: Colbert is a minister in the Universal Life "Church", that sorry excuse for a church where one can just print something and you have authority to marry people.
Legality of that aside, one of the most basic teachings of the Church---only validly ordained priests have the authority to marry people--and he doesn't follow it.

Even though Mahar is a complete prick and his film is a complete joke, if I were him, I would have turned down Colbert's invite too.


Right after the Supreme Court ruling, there were talks concerning whether to let gay family members and their "spouse" over for either Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

I say they should be denied an invitation. After all, their "marriages" are abominations anyway and one opposed to it should not even appear to approve of it in any way.


And finally, my rant against that imbecile the "amazing" atheist remains my most viewed post. So far, I predicted what his reactions would be to the UCC shooting (he tried but failed to cover up the fact the shooter was an avowed atheist who killed Christians just because they were Christians), how he would react to the claim atheism is a religion ( it really is a religion, but that's another post for another day), and what his reaction would be to the Paris attack (predictability blaming all religion for it like an idiot).

No surprise he also supports Bernie Sanders.

So why bring him up now? It turns out I'm not the only one who thinks he's a lying, thieving, misogynistic sack of dog droppings. One particular pro-secular website lists him as a detriment to the atheist cause, going so far to say one of the three groups he appeals to is 13 year old boys.

Everyone reading this can mark my words: if I ever encounter him in person, I will tell him right to his face he's full of it and he's a babbling moron.

His parents must have messed up bad to produce someone like him.

And those are my mini-points. I do pray you all have a happy Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Truth of the HERO Ordinance….OR The Chick Fil A Incident All Over Again



With Election Day passing and all the votes counted, it shouldn't surprise us that not everyone wound up happy at the final results. What strikes me as odd is the level of whining from the losing side, which was overwhelmingly the political left.

One case getting national attention was a ballot ordinance in Houston, TX called the HERO ordinance, also known as the "bathroom ordinance" (I'll explain why it's called that in a moment.) If passed, it would have prevented business and other organizations from discriminating against 15 classes of people, including age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity. By a two-to-one margin, Houston voters said no, and thus opened the floodgates to charges of hate, ignorance and being behind the times.

In typical secular/atheist/"this life is all that matters" form, the critics have once again missed the point because once again it never dawned on them why people voted no.

First of all, the ordinance just wasn't needed.
That's right: out of all the protected classes listed in the ordinance, it was either already illegal to discriminate against those groups at the federal level (mostly by the Civil Rights Act) or it would give protection to groups that aren't discriminated against in the first place.

Second of all, some have nick-named it the "bathroom ordinance" because the language leaves the door open  for (at least according to some of the political ads) a grown man claiming he's a woman and using the ladies room, thereby leaving the door open for him to sexually assault women or little girls.

If that one sounds far-fetched, consider this: in every city that has a similar ordinance in place, that has happened at least one time. And in every case, people get mad at the people complaining about it, accusing them of bigotry.

Having looked into the ordinance myself, I applaud Houston for saying no to this nonsense. For those who disagree, consider the timeline of events:

Sometime in mid 2014- openly gay Houston mayor Annise Parker proposed a city ordinance that would allow people to use restrooms and locker rooms they felt better represented their gender identity.
This part was later removed explicitly but was still there based on wording.
The city council passed the ordinance.

Sometime later- Houston-area pastors organized a petition in protest to the ordinance. At first, the petition passed all legal requirements but then the city attorney at the time claimed it was several signatures short and was not properly notarized. Four plaintiffs filed a suit saying the original ruling on the petition was valid…and the courts agreed with them.

September 2014- Houston city attorneys under Mayor Parker's orders issued subpoenas against several petition-signing pastors, claiming their maneuver violated federal tax codes against tax-exempt groups electioneering from the pulpit.

October 2014- It didn't take long for people as well as national news outlets to figure out the subpoenas were nothing more than an attempt from the mayor (a Democrat, no surprise there) to silence anyone critical of either her or the gay agenda.
The subpoenas were dropped and the petition went to trial.

January 2015- The judge in the subsequent trial ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, meaning the measure had to be put on the ballot and have the people decide.

November 2015- Houston voters strike down the measure.

Now, after the vote, look how quickly the HERO supporters change their tune: before the vote, they said it was about equal rights for all; after the vote, they make it sound like it was only about rights for gays and trans-genders.

Now, they're calling for boycotts against Houston, including calling on the NFL to move the 2017 Super Bowl to another city.

Let's ignore for a moment that these types of people don't strike me as frequent pro-football watchers and let's instead focus on why I bring Chick Fil A into this.

When that company struck back against the gay agenda, people called for boycotts but then realized how good their waffle-fries are.
The boycott didn't work.

I predict that same thing will happen with all the calls to boycott Houston: sure there may be sore losers but the boycott won't work because a) Houston is more ethnically diverse than even New York City (that's a fact; look it up) so the charge of intolerance won't stick and b) Houston is much more financially prosperous than most of America.

Not thinking threats all the way through…atheists are such idiots.