Sunday, November 29, 2015

Fun with Christmas Political Correctness



It's that time of year where the vast--and I mean the VAST--majority of Americans celebrate Christmas (yeah, I said it). Despite the fact the odds are good any given person you come across also celebrates Christmas, good luck trying to find any major company or shop that will wish you a happy or merry Christmas. It's almost always "happy holidays" or worse still people say nothing for fear of "offending somebody."

Yet people don't have any problems with saying other holiday names; it's like they're saying "we're willing to defend every culture in the world except our own."

So since they can't be trusted to see the folly of their own stupidity, I say have fun at their expense. I guarantee you the exchange with them will go something like this; for argument's sake, we'll call the common sense person Faith and the PC person Clueless Kate.

Clueless Kate: "Faith, here's your invitation for the company holiday party."
Faith: "Great. What holiday are we celebrating besides Christmas?"
Clueless Kate: "oh..Hanukkah."
Faith: "Hanukkah doesn't happen until long after this party."
Clueless Kate: "oh…then Kwannza."
Faith: "None of the colors we have match that. Try again."
Clueless Kate: "Ramadan."
Faith: "That was earlier this year. Try again."
Clueless Kate: "Festivus."
Faith: "This isn't Seinfeld. Try again."

Clueless Kate, rather than admit her own mistake, will either retreat or call you a bigot.

If you think I'm lying or exaggerating, consider this actual email I received from a friend when he asked his workplace this exact same question; the company's actual name has been changed to protect their sorry hides:

In an inclusive office environment such as Smith Inc, we recognize that our employees celebrate the holiday season according to their personal beliefs, and therefore we do not identify a specific holiday to represent Smith Inc as a company.

Our employees, however, are welcome to express their goodwill toward each other during this season as they see fit.

Thank you for your interest, and please let us or your agency/employer know if you have any other questions.

What makes this especially hilarious is the company in question included in the email a gift package picture that was colored red and green (colors ONLY associated with Christmas) and had a Christmas tree in their main entrance.

This is as stupid as letting two known atheists be grand marshals of a city Christmas parade.

But this is the state of affairs now. What are you going to do to stop it? Are you going to let atheists get their way?

Why would you ever do that? Atheists are idiots.

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