Sunday, November 22, 2015

Turkey Day Quickies



I'm not going to lie: plenty of major events as well as some personal news have happened in the past few days…so many in fact if I were to give them each their own post, I'd be stuck writing all day.

So with that said, here are a few insights, news and little tidbits I've come across. I should also note these are in no particular order of importance except this first one:

                                                        Concerning the Paris attacks:

I do mourn for those lost in the attacks…unlike others who use the "you're in my thoughts" cop-out. And I do applaud any and all efforts to limit or flat out block Syrian refugees from coming to America.
For anyone who thinks that sounds racist or unwelcoming or if you're going to give me some lame interpretation of the Good Samaritan, consider this:

We have confirmed cases of ISIS fighters masquerading as refugees. In addition, one recent study showed a significant number fleeing ISIS who actually either agree with ISIS or at least think ISIS has the right idea.

Strange: when Jews fled the Nazis, I don't recall any of them agreeing with their oppressors.

                               Concerning whether this means war against Islam:

I do wish we actually could have an honest look at what Islam teaches or where ISIS got the idea their actions are justified but I'm afraid with how hypersensitive everyone is, that might not be possible. We're at the point that even suggesting this idea is considered offensive.
But let me make one thing clear: I don't think every single Muslim is a terrorist. I do think (and can show) of those who have committed terrorist acts, they are almost all Muslims.

And for those who say we are at war with Islam….you're right but not for the reasons you think.

I'm not talking about a war in the sense of guns blazing, armies going in and fighting. I don't have the authority to declare that and frankly, neither does anyone calling for war against Muslims.

What I am talking about is a war against all enemies of Christ's Kingdom and I'm not alone in that. Every Church Father, Doctor of the Church and even the Bible itself calls Islam at best heretical and at worst antichrist.

If that last one sounds harsh, consider this: The Bible sets three criteria on what is antichrist:
-Saying Christ is not the Messiah
-Saying Christ is not of God
- Saying Christ did not come in the flesh

Granted, you only need to meet one of these criteria, but based on what I know about Islam, it touts two of these.

So yes…I applaud any and all efforts to make sure Sharia Law is NEVER the rule of law in America.


                            Concerning the Stephen Colbert interview with Bill Mahar:

Normally, I would applaud any and all attempts to invite people back into the Catholic Church…as long as the person extending the invitation is not Stephen Colbert.

I have never been a fan of his work ever since he was on Jon Stewart and I don't really care for him now.
And if he was the official poster child for American Catholicism…The Church in America would be in more dire straights.
Proof positive of this: Colbert is a minister in the Universal Life "Church", that sorry excuse for a church where one can just print something and you have authority to marry people.
Legality of that aside, one of the most basic teachings of the Church---only validly ordained priests have the authority to marry people--and he doesn't follow it.

Even though Mahar is a complete prick and his film is a complete joke, if I were him, I would have turned down Colbert's invite too.


Right after the Supreme Court ruling, there were talks concerning whether to let gay family members and their "spouse" over for either Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

I say they should be denied an invitation. After all, their "marriages" are abominations anyway and one opposed to it should not even appear to approve of it in any way.


And finally, my rant against that imbecile the "amazing" atheist remains my most viewed post. So far, I predicted what his reactions would be to the UCC shooting (he tried but failed to cover up the fact the shooter was an avowed atheist who killed Christians just because they were Christians), how he would react to the claim atheism is a religion ( it really is a religion, but that's another post for another day), and what his reaction would be to the Paris attack (predictability blaming all religion for it like an idiot).

No surprise he also supports Bernie Sanders.

So why bring him up now? It turns out I'm not the only one who thinks he's a lying, thieving, misogynistic sack of dog droppings. One particular pro-secular website lists him as a detriment to the atheist cause, going so far to say one of the three groups he appeals to is 13 year old boys.

Everyone reading this can mark my words: if I ever encounter him in person, I will tell him right to his face he's full of it and he's a babbling moron.

His parents must have messed up bad to produce someone like him.

And those are my mini-points. I do pray you all have a happy Thanksgiving.

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