Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Refuting Atheists Claims of Greed (with News)

I haven't been posting on here for some time, and that's because I've decided to have a running theme with some upcoming posts. You may have heard of the website Godisimaginary.com. All it consists of is bogus arguments that sound interesting but fall apart when thought is applied to them. Now, there is a website pointing out all the mistakes God is Imaginary (or GII) makes, but some have not been covered yet, so while they have refuted some, many remain unchallenged.
So, for the next few posts, I will be posting some of the responses (giving credit where it's due), as well as some of my own.
In the meantime, enjoy this refutation of a commonly seen attack on the Catholic Church:



  1. That is BIBLICAL logic since the text is taken from the bible, moron. People that are against the Catholic church do donate money. A golden chair and palace cost a hell of a lot more than $1k. How embarrassing for you.

    1. More like how beyond ignorant for you. There are no atheist or secular groups in the world that come even close to the charity the Catholic Church gives out. How stupid of you to not realize atheism leaves no room for charity.