Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It Wouldn't Surprise Me If They Come to Feed Us to Lions

I now have proof positive that this is indeed a wicked generation. I need only look at the people around my age who rooted for Obama--a man whose party caused this recession by interfering with the ways of God and man--a man whose own party booed God at their own convention---to know this. Sadly, I knew thanks to intrade that this would happen but hoped things would turn out different. I now know that's no longer possible. Even most Catholics I know, in clear defiance of the very bishops they are supposed to obey, have given up their liberty for safety, and we all know what Ben Franklin said about that (though it wouldn't surprise me if you don't, considering the way schools have been both secularized and watered down---funny how both happen at once). Rather than go into a long post about what happens next, Michael Voris of Church Militant TV (formally Real Catholic TV) has already done that for me:

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