Monday, February 11, 2013

The Pope Resigns; The Media Still Gets it Wrong

    Right on, Voris, and it turns out the media has gotten the ramifications of the story wrong, especially CNN, which decided for some reason to interview that know-nothing The Amazing Atheist. What does he know about...anything for that matter?
         I'll spare all of you his inane drivel and move on to World News Tonight. First of all, the anchors couldn't decide whether it's been 598 years or 400 years since a pope resigned. Second of all, it implied the next pope, as the video predicted the media would do, should be more "open" and "progressive" and "welcoming." Now, unlike other news rooms who would just say that and leave it at that, World News went one step further with these:
-Man-on-the-street sound bites that imply either society is leaving the Church behind or the Church needs "get with the times."
-an interview with a little girl who says the Church should give women the chance to be priests.
-an another bit where a young woman says the Church "needs to be more accepting of gay people." (This young lady lives in California; no surprise there).

After a short line from a representative for Leadership Conference of Women Religious (a group that came under fire from the Vatican for deviating from Church teachings), we then get this stats, some of which came from the USCCB no less:
-48% of American Catholics think abortion should be legal
-48% are in favor of so-called "gay marriage"
-59% say yes to having female Catholic priests

 So depending on which issue you look at, between 48% and 59% of American Catholics are heretics.

      Oh, get a load of this: not to be outdone, they then put in an anchor (I think it's Cokie Roberts, but don't hold me to that) who clearly has no understanding of Catholicism because she points out the cardinals are all ones appointed by either Benedict XVI or John Paul II and thus no real change (read: change liberals and pseudo-Catholics approve of) will happen with a new pope.

Maybe because of the vows I've personally taken, maybe it's because of the college I went to (won't say which, but it does get the seal of approval by the Newman Society), maybe it's because of the spirituality I follow, or the books I read, but I say whoever the next pope is, I hope the Holy Spirit will guide him to an even firmer stand than Benedict XVI. In fact, here's some things I'd like to see (though in the end, these won't be my personal call to make):

-a strict enforcement of Canon Law 915 when it comes to so-called Catholic politicians who thumb their noses at Church teaching
-an investigation into all Catholic schools. If this requires an Inquisition, so be it.
-free distribution of the Baltimore Catechism to all newlywed Catholic couples.
-easier access to either the Latin Mass or the new Anglican Rite Mass
-make the teaching concerning contraception an infallible teaching (again, not my call to make; I'm just saying I'd like to see it)
-calling out the USCCB if they make any ruling contrary to the Magisterium

I look forward to our next pope and I am confident the Church won't fail because we have assurance from Jesus Himself it won't fail.

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