Monday, March 25, 2013

Traditional Baptism Rite

  Since this is Holy Week and the first Holy Week with our new Holy Father, I'd thought I'd take his suggestion and promote a "back to basics" theme for this week. It's often been said that there are not millions who hate the Catholic Church but rather millions who only hate what they think is the Catholic Church. However, what people believe the Catholic Church to be is wrong and sadly what many Catholics view the Church as is wrong too.
So with that in mind, this week, I'll be posting videos focusing on the traditional forms of the sacraments. Now, I've talked about the Eucharist in the form of the traditional Latin Mass so I'll skip over that one but as for the others, take the time to watch these videos so as to better understand why the Catholic faith makes more sense and why atheists are idiots. Full text for it can be found here.
For more info on Taylor Marshall, check out his website:

Anyway, onto the rite:

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