Sunday, February 16, 2014

Reason for Creating Memes



I realize I've been just putting either quick memes or the occasional short messages on here, but I do have a good reason for that: I've been working on this post that requires quite a bit of research as well as some mathematical calculations before I come up with my final analysis. I don't know when exactly it will be out but I guarantee it will be some time before April 15th. You'll see why that is in due time.

So until then, enjoy the memes on here and spread them far and wide and show how much you fell atheists are idiots.


  1. I have only one question for you: how can you assume all atheist are idiots, with such proud confidence? Some could say you are committing a terrible sin, an obnoxious one.

  2. Diego, it would only be a sin if I'm bearing false witness against atheists, but clearly the opposite is true.