Thursday, July 3, 2014

I Now Know that Atheism is Pure Evil



Whenever I tell people that atheists just aren't right in the head, I usually hear, "well, they don't believe in God but that doesn't mean they're bad people." I awaited every day for God to deliver to me proof of how evil and how far gone an atheist can be.

That day has now arrived.

Before we go any further, I want to share with you this video:

Now, any sane human being after watching this would say, "this is sick. They did all this to people for the crime of believing in God?" and walk away shaken to their core.

Not this one person I came across.

I shared this video with someone and--I kid you not---this is what he typed back:

Yepp it's a prison
I wonder why your god didn't save them XD

Want to throw up yet? Here's the kicker to his response:
You theist are monster killing and inslaving people just because your fake book says so you guys are monster terrorizing kids with eternal damnation you sick f-cks you worship a pedophile protected don't talk to me about morals or being a monster.

No surprise: this man is an atheist.

Remind me again who's the monster in all of this?

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