Saturday, February 14, 2015

Just Pay the Fine: Refuting Obamacare: Part 7



All this week, I've pointed out several flaws with Obamacare, why it doesn't work, why it wasn't needed (mostly because the number of people with health insurance was not significant enough to actually matter, plus of those who did have health insurance, the vast majority were happy with their at-the-time coverage), and even an alternative to it. (For said alternative, click here).

But now we conclude this by getting to the heart of the matter: we hear the message that we have to get coverage or we have to pay a tax penalty.

Well….what is the penalty?

It's $95 for someone filing as an individual or $95/1% of household income filing as a family, whichever is greater.

In other words, which the cheapest plan in my area going for about $100 dollars a month, it would be much better to just pay the fine. Even if I was filing as a family, and assuming combined income was $40K, that then means the penalty would be $400, but that still would be much less than paying for the lowest price plan in my area.

Now, clearly your results may vary and this in no way is meant to be tax advise. But the way I see it, you have two choices:

1. Just pay the fine and it will be taken out of your taxes.
2. If you insist on getting coverage, then look into the alternative previously mentioned. You can even look into dental plans in your area for you and/or your family by clicking here.

This whole law stinks to the highest angelic choir and the sooner we get rid of it, the better off America will be.

Only atheists would be dumb enough to support this law and atheists are idiots.

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