Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Atheist Thought Experiments Debunked #5

"Christians only care when it's Christians being persecuted."


Before I get into this topic, let me first explain what brought this on:

Several studies across the world have come out that pretty much prove Christians are indeed the most persecuted group in the world; a recent Pew Center Study further confirms this.  (See study here).

Now, this information was well-distributed in religious circles (so, if you didn't hear this reported in the secular media, that's the reason why) and once atheists got this information, what do you think their response was? If you think they took one look and reconsidered their position…oh, my…you are mistaken.

The atheist reaction came down to one of two responses:
1. This report was used as a scam to perpetuate "religious tyranny."
2. "You Christians had this coming."

That's right: atheists are so hateful and nasty they honestly think if anything bad happens to Christians or Christians are killed for their faith, then "they brought this on themselves."

So in other words….
When Romans killed Christians in the colosseum, we had this coming to us.
When Mexico passed anti-Christian laws that lead to the Christeros War, we had that coming.
When priests were tortured in Romania by dunking their heads in barrels full of feces, then they had that coming.

Do atheists even listen to themselves?

Now, going back to the point at hand…is it true Christians only care when Christians are killed?

If the response from recent disasters are any indication, the answer is a clear NO!!!

People in religious America have given billions to people who not only don't look like us but also don't have the same faith we do. Anything from the tsunami in Japan to earthquake relief in Haiti, to evacuating people in the Middle East hurt by ISIS….we've always given help to people.

"But wait," some simple-minded atheist fool would say. "Other non-religious countries give far more to foreign aid. America hardly gives any. How is that being generous?"

That accusation only looks at what percentage of government spending goes to foreign aid. If it added in private donations (a concept that is almost extinct in non-religious countries) you will find Americans give billions of their own money to people.
In addition, more countries now admit foreign aid does more harm than good and often goes to the very people causing all the problems. Even Bono of all people now admits this.

Now that I think about it…when was the last time atheists ever gave of themselves? Last I checked, atheism is one of the factors PREVENTING people from giving of themselves.

And why should it encourage charity when it makes a false idol out of the state?

And they wonder why we dismiss them all as idiots.


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