Friday, May 22, 2015

Blog Changes



Yes, this is the same blog from a few days ago. I just need to update my loyal viewers on some changes:

1. Yes, I have changed my online name again, but unlike the first time, I do have valid reasons for changing it:

People who follow movie news might have heard Martin Scorsese is directing a film version of the
Shusaku Endo novel Silence. I'm not going to go into the plot points here but I will say my old online handle has something to do with a key plot point and I didn't want people to think I obtained the idea form a directing legend. 

The other reason is more personal. I am a Millennial and it distresses me to no end that those in my age group are leaving religion and are now awash in an empty sea, drifting and having no idea how to live a full life. I want to bring them back to sure happiness as well as set them right in certain notions…in the spirit of fraternal correction, of course.

2. I'm on Twitter!

Sure, I was on Twitter before I did this but I've updated my account to connect everything together. Everyone can follow me at @MillennCatholic

4. Request for videos

Ever since the Freedom From Atheism Foundation endorsed my post about the riddle of Epicurus, people have wondered if I'm ever going to do videos.
To that, my answer is I'd love to but right now I don't see that happening. It's not because I don't know how, but it's more a technical and presentation issue. I am looking at what topics I can talk about and I am pricing cameras and equipment. If there is anyone willing to give me a hand, just send me a Tweet.

5. New Profile Pic

One will also notice I've changed my profile picture to St Thomas Aquinas. I've taken a closer look at his philosophy and have found deep, profound insights from it. Since he is also my confirmation name, I feel I owe it to him to promote all he stands for (plus I like the joke in this particular picture).

 6. Rate of Blog Posts

Some may have also noticed new posts have been coming up less frequently than usual. This is because of the same reasons I will not be able to do videos at this time…that plus some of the topics I'm working on now call for greater research than I originally thought.
But trust me: I have an inspiring post coming up for Memorial Day so be ready.

7. Atheists are idiots.

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