Monday, January 11, 2016

Huffington Post..the Secular Fish Wrap



For my first article of 2016, I have to admit something right out of the gate:

The religion section of the Huffington Post never ceases to be a source of entertainment for me.

Recently they included this article about why Christians should warm up to atheists…and here's me proving they have no idea what they're talking about.

1. Atheists are generally good people.

Remind me again of a few things:
Who are the ones suing schools to prevent prayer? Who are the ones filing lawsuits against military monuments because they contain a cross? Who are the ones threatening people into not expressing their religious beliefs? Who are the ones expressing the most lies and distortions about religious people?
And lest we forget atheists like Pol Pot, Mao, Castro, Hitler, Stalin and many others.
Before any atheist goes into a "what about Christian so and so"…there is NO Christian an atheist can name that takes away the superb reputation Christians have. 

2. Atheists make for good Americans.

Based on what? If my previous remarks were any indication, atheists are not only bad people, they're bad Americans too.
To be fair, being a good American is a broad term and the article itself doesn't set many parameters…but that doesn't mean I can't!

According to statistical evidence, atheists:
-are less likely to donate to charities
-are less likely to be blood and/or organ donors
-are less likely to sign up for the armed forces
-are less likely to do volunteer work

In fact, the only study I can find that shows atheists being more generous fudged the numbers and did not include the same amount of children per religious persuasion…and the majority of children were Muslims and conducted it in a nation that does not have a Muslim majority. 

3. Atheists are valuable for religious conviction.

Heretics make much better opponents to religious belief than atheists: at least in the heretics case, their stand has some basis in solid belief. 
For a quick clarification, heresy is a belief or theory at odds with established belief.  Atheism isn't a heresy, however: since it involves violating the First Commandment, it more qualifies as apostasy. 

Let me give an example:
You can believe Jesus is the only way to salvation but if you believe Jesus wasn't divine, then you're promoting a heresy. If you believe He wasn't divine but you're basing that on your rejection of Jesus, then you're an apostate.

Why would someone in a faith care for the view of someone who rejected it?

Speaking of rejection, some might wonder about the meaning of "fish wrap" in the title. In the Catholic media, there exists a paper called the National Catholic Reporter…nicknamed the Distorter and Fish Wrap because it deviates from Catholic teaching so much it's only good for wrapping fish.

And that's why I'm surprised people still read the Huffington Post or subscribe to it. I have yet to find anything useful or informative in it. 

But with sources like it any wonder atheists are such idiots?

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