Friday, April 8, 2016

A Rant Against Ellen



I must admit there is so much atheist stupid in the world that sometimes it just takes a rant to tear it to shreds. In this case, so-called "comedian" Ellen DeGeneres took time from her talk show to speak out against a new law in Mississippi targeted against gay people..or so she claims.

Here's the brass tacks of what she said with me pointing out in the red lettering why her statements are so dumb.

"I am not a political person. This isn't about politics. This is about freedom."

[Really? You're not a political person? How come you're close friends with only liberals? And if it were about freedom, how come you never spoke out when a baker gets sued for not catering a gay wedding? Isn't it their freedom to deny service to people?]

This is something the Supreme Court has already ruled on."

[You mean the same court that said Japanese people belong in internment camps? Since when is the Supreme Court a standard for morality?]

They [the US Supreme Court] said the same thing Diana Ross said. "Stop in the name of love."

[You mean the same love gay activists show Christians?]

Imagine if two cupcakes walk into a flower shop but the owner doesn't want to sell them any because the cupcakes don't have any money. Well, gay people do have money so sell them the damn flowers.

[That makes no sense. I can't speak for each florist or baker but does she honestly think this is about money? It's jokes like this that make me conclude she just isn't funny. And don't hand me any of that bull about her having a talk show. If I can have an opinion of her not being funny, then florists can have their own opinion on who they sell flowers to.]

If you live in any area and you're judged by who you love, don't despair.

[If gay activist actions are any indication, you will be judged if you love Jesus.]

I was fired for being gay and I know how it feels like.

[This goes back to her claim about it saying businesses can deny employment to someone for being gay. Too bad for her I have read the law and all it says concerning employment is whether the employee follows the company standards, one of which is employees can only wear clothing appropriate to their gender. Companies are allowed to set their own standards.
Speaking of company, Ellen was not fired from ABC for being gay. She was fired because of low ratings. 
Besides Doesn't she voice Dory in Finding Nemo and the upcoming Finding Dory?Aren't those both Disney productions? Doesn't Disney own ABC?
So no...she doesn't know what it feels like and she needs to stop pretending she does.]

I can buy the governor's mansion, flip it and make millions in profit.

[I've been meaning to are those sky-high taxes working out in California?]


  1. Why is it that people who advocate discrimination always complain when they get it? Homophobia is NOT an oppressed group, they're opressORS. I suppose you think you haven't a right to hang "Irish need not apply" signs

    1. Simple: unlike being Irish or black or Latin, being gay is JUST a choice and nothing more. Plus, there's no such thing as homophobia. If you think it is, show me the psychological body that agrees with you.