Friday, May 20, 2016

Profile Change



Sorry to do this yet again, but I've decided to change my online handle again as well as promote my own city. Why?

1. I found out there was already a blogger using the name Millennial Catholic before I came along.

2. A recent story revealed if trends continue, my home city--Houston, TX--will surpass Chicago in population.

This one comes as no surprise since there are far more job opportunities in Houston than in Chicago.

3. All the religious opportunities in Houston.

This archdiocese has a cardinal, a college with the Cardinal Newman Society seal of approval, and serves as the hub for the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Peter, has a chapel run by Opus Dei, and even has at least two parishes run by an Eastern Catholic rite. In addition, a whole religious order is moving their training grounds from Canada to Houston.  Even the FSSP is building a parish in the area.

4. Apart from some obscure TV shows and one Academy Award nominated film (Boyhood), there are not many outlets focusing on locations or food spots in Houston.

To be fair, Andrew Zimmer did make a Bizarre Foods episode about the food culture in Houston, but more needs to be done.

5. I have also decided to change my profile pic.

The reason here is because the cathedral in Houston is named after the Sacred Heart; as a side note, mine was the first graduating class to have commencement in the newly finished cathedral.

6. I am still working on putting videos together.

While I still think the art of writing should be kept alive, I'll concede the fact visuals are more useful in evangelizing.

6. Despite the changes, my attacks on atheism won't change a bit.

The good news is that most now know where I'm coming from with this, and if you lived here, you too would have a front seat of why atheists are idiots and why the Catholic way is better.

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