Saturday, May 25, 2013

My Spiritual To-Do List

In my bio, I mentioned that I have completed the consecration to Mary as written by St. Louis deMontfort but what I have never mentioned before is that I have a whole list of spiritual journeys I would like to complete in line with St. Loyola's teaching of asking oneself  what can one do in honor of Jesus. I have either started some of them, haven't gotten around to them or haven't started some because a good number  take so long to finish and rather keep them to myself, I would like to share them with you to see how many of them you would like to try to finish. Now keep in mind if you don't go to Mass on a regular basis (including all holy days) I would suggest doing that first before you try them and I will also include how many days it takes to finish them, plus any additional resources needed:

1. Consecrate yourself to Our Holy Mother (Note: I've done this already but I will do this again later this year.)
This one calls for specific readings and prayers  from three books, but since I understand some people have limited space, I suggest getting this book to have everything in one place:
Length of time to finish: 33 days

2. Complete spiritual exercises written by St Francis De Sales.
Length of time to finish: 10 days

3. Complete Jesuit spiritual exercises.
Length of time to finish: 56 days or maybe 8 days, depending which you go with.

4. Complete St Bridget prayers
Length of time to finish: 365 days

5. Receive Eucharist the first Friday of the month for 9 straight months.
Length of time to finish: 9 months.

6. Be enthroned into the Sacred Heart.

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