Friday, May 3, 2013

Of God and Pro Atheletes

What gets me about the people who have commented about Chris Broussard is the level of ignorance they display. Take a commentator for a news group called The Young Turks. In a video of theirs called "ESPN Reporter calls homosexuality a sin", one of their own points out the Bible does call it a sin but it also says eating shellfish is a sin.
So let me get this straight: a non-traditional media outlet wants people to take them seriously but has someone on camera being that stupid about a book that the vast majority of Americans take a guide for their lives? Besides, he's wrong anyway, not just in the fact dietary laws are different from laws on spiritual purity, not just in the fact the kosher dietary laws don't apply anymore, but rather from the implication this commentator seems to think he and he alone has the correct take on the Bible. Nice try, but if that level of being a nit-pick is okay, then allow me to point out the Bible says the Church is the pillar of truth, not the Young Turks.

In fact, it might interest them to know that after ministers, atheletes have the highest percentage of believers of all the professions in the world but you will never hear the media bring that up.

Liberal bias against Christians expressing what their faith says aside for a moment, I looked into Jason Collin's professional career, and while I admit to being more a football fan myself, there's a reason why so few have heard of him until now. Since he began his pro career in 2001, he has played for six  teams (possibly seven, since his contract expired this past season) and with those six teams, he has almost never played for a team that reached the NBA finals, and the one time his team did, they lost in first four games. His current team, the Washington Wizards as of this publication, has one of the worst records in the NBA. I bring these up not because I blame him for why these teams did so badly, but because I believe he came out of the closet to further his own career and nothing more, because again, his contract expired at the end of this past regular season.

Speaking of media bias, many news outlets have compared Collin's a trailblazer, along the same lines as Jackie Robinson or Billy Jean King. That--and I mean this in all seriousness---is GARBAGE!!! Robinson fought against a racist legal system and King chose to be gay after aborting a child because "I didn't believe my marriage [to a man] was solid enough to bring a child into it."

And in the end, isn't that what homosexuality is? A choice, and a very poor choice to make? In all the media coverage of Collins, they bring up the fact he has an identical twin brother who isn't gay, thereby refuting the notion being gay is genetic or they are "born that way" or whatever nonsense they're touting now.

Even Collin's choice of using the number 98 on his jersey doesn't make any sense. According to several interviews, Collin's chose that number in honor of Matthew Shepard who was killed in 1998 supposedly because he was gay. I say supposedly because according to a 20/20 interview with the prosecutor and lead investigator who put Shepard's killers in jail, Shepard's murder was a drug-related robbery that went bad, not because of his homosexuality. While the story did receive criticism, no one has been able to refute anything claimed in the story.

So this whole Collin's story just reeks of excrement and propaganda. While I do agree we should be respectful of views different than our own, I will show no respect at all to people who lie as much as atheists and secularists do. People who lie that often are just covering up how much of an idiot they are.

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