Thursday, October 17, 2013

History of All Hallows



With October 31st coming up, something has occurred to me. Before I reveal this personal revelation, I want everyone to keep in mind all the stores where you live that have "Halloween" goods alongside Thanksgiving and Christmas goods.
Now consider my revelation:

If we are not careful, Christmas will soon become what Halloween is now. Let me explain what I mean by that.

Every year, people complain about Christmas becoming more and more commercialized and the true meaning of the event getting lost. I do agree with that, but consider this for a moment: every holiday in the average household comes with certain traditions, be it religious or known by only the family. Either way, someone is bound to know why the tradition exists. The problem is while some do know the roots of Christmas traditions (though some are now disappearing at a rapid rate) almost no one I've come across knows the meaning behind Halloween traditions.

Think I'm lying about this? Ask yourself these questions:
-What was the original meaning behind "trick or treat?"
-What does "day of the dead" have to do with anything?
-Have you heard of a treat called "Soul cakes?"
-Does Halloween have anything to do with Satanism?

If you can't answer these and you thought the answer to the last one was yes, then my point has been made.

Still not convinced? Consider these about Christmas:
-Why do we hang stockings?
-What historical person was Santa Claus based on?
-What is the real meaning behind all the days in the 12 Days of Christmas?
-When is the Christmas season supposed to end?

How many those could you answer? If it was two or less, then the damage has made its way in.

Yet this then begs the question: who is responsible for making either holiday all about the material and all the meaning being lost? Of course you know the answer: secularists and atheists.
They want all religious meaning taken out of all holidays, and no two have more religious meaning than Halloween and Christmas; one focuses on life after death and the other focuses on how life after death is possible. Of course they could engage with others who think different from them and learn the error of their ways, but since their pride will never allow that, they choose to take the meanings away.

Enough, I say.

It's time to take the meaning of Halloween back from atheists because atheists (as I have proven time and again) are idiots. Here's a video to help along the way:

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