Friday, October 25, 2013

Religion Causes War? Yeah, right.


"Religion is the main cause of war."

That's a bold battle cry atheists make in today's world, as if this is supposed to have the same affect as yelling fire in a crowded theatre. But how truthful is this, if at all?

The answer (like all other claims made by atheists) is not very and not even close to true.

I do know what the actual percentage is, but before I say it, I want people reading this to guess what the percentage is.
Go on. Guess.
Out of all the wars in recorded history, what percentage was actually a result of religion? will never guess what the answer is.

The actual percentage of wars that came about because of religion is......7%.
That's according to a study done by the authors of Encyclopedia of War, and lest you think they missed some critical information, they looked at all the wars that we have records of....all 1,763.
Furthermore, they concluded most people over-exaggerate the percentage by placing the blame on religion when in fact religion had either nothing to do with it or was tacked on as an afterthought.

In other words,  any war people think was caused by religion is either part of the 7% or the war was caused by something else.

Now, I know what atheists are going to try next: they will try naming some wars or conflicts and try to prove this percentage wrong. Let's look at some and see what little atheists really know:

What about the "Troubles" of Northern Ireland?
       -That was a fight between being one Ireland apart from the UK or to remain part of the UK.

What about the Seven Years War?
     -That was a battle between different royal houses.

What about the French Wars of Religion?
      -That was also between different houses.

What about the US Civil War?
      -That is not considered a religious war

What about the Crusades?
      -That is a major part of the 7%.

So in light of all this, why do atheists keep insisting it's higher than 7%? My guess is either atheists are being slightly dishonest by twisting the facts or being VERY dishonest by making religion guilty by association.

Still not convinced? Consider these two notions:

A) If the religious rate of a nation was any indication of how often they engaged in religious wars, then the vast majority of American wars should be started by religion, but the opposite is true: only one war (the War on Terror) has any connection to religion.

B) Even if religion was the main cause, then it should follow that the more atheist a nation is, then the more peaceful it should be but once again the opposite is true: officially atheist nations were responsible for the majority of mass slaughters in the 20th century.

And don't hand me any of that "what about Scandinavia or Europe as a whole". First of all, the atheist rate there is NOWHERE NEAR what atheists claim they are and second of all, their populations are shrinking because they bought into that other piece of atheist bull called world overpopulation.

Atheists pull this and they want us to call them "brights"? No wonder atheists are such idiots.

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