Saturday, August 9, 2014

Top Secret Atheist Email Exposed



People, I don't know how this happened, but somehow I wound up with a top secret email from the Rational Response Squad detailing how atheists are supposed to confront theists.
Now, I know it must be authentic because it does use RRS letterhead and it does have the signature of the founder on it. So rather than keep it to myself, I felt it best to copy it here so others can learn of atheist's devious tricks.

Dear fans of the Rational Response Squad:

It has come to our attention that many of you want a set of guidelines in debating Christian retards (or as I call them, Christ-tards). Yes, their irrationality in light of our superior grasp of all religions can get annoying so I will grant your request by presenting to you what you keep asking for: 

Use only one standard in using evidence against religion.
And that one standard is this: does it make religion look bad? If so, go with it. Don't worry about accuracy: no one will ever check to see if you're right.

Always use and go with expert opinion
However, if the expert does not agree with you, then they are clearly biased and thus we should pay them no heed.

Take religious verses---especially from the Bible--and use them as sound bites.
Who cares about things like context, or history, or idioms? We don't need these when we have to get the point across as fast as possible. 

If any of your notions are proven wrong, throw a tantrum.
Yes, it might make you look bad and atheism as a whole look even worse, but that's a small price to pay to let people know you won't tolerate religious beliefs in any form.

Pay close attention to this line of reasoning.
If people disagree with your stand on religion, then they disagree with your morality, and since that can't be tolerated, then religion must be eliminated and atheists are great at eliminating undesirables. Just look at Pol Pot.

It is wrong to impose people's beliefs on others.
Ok, this isn't so much a rule but still... Religious people (Christians, mostly) don't seem to get the hint that even so much as talking about their faith is imposing their views on others. And since nothing we seem to do or say seems to get the message across, then the only alternative is to use the power of government to impose atheism on everybody.

Religion and science are ALWAYS enemies…no exceptions.
Any and all examples of Christians accomplishing something in science can be poo-pooed away by pointing out anyone could have thought of or come across the discovery. 
We are at this time still trying to get around the "anyone could have, but not anyone did" counter.

Always remember people will take an atheist's word over a Christian.
After all, it's not like atheists have a reputation for being psychopathic liars.

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