Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Welcome Relief to ObamaCare



So you've heard on the news that the deadline to get health coverage is looming and you're told you have to get coverage or else you'll pay a tax penalty.

Yet you don't want to be a party to the contraceptive mentality embedded in the Affordable Care Act, you don't want to take welfare just to pay your outrageous premium, your workplace dropped coverage because it's no longer compliant and in some cases, you can't get a different job unless you have health coverage.

In the end, you can't help but wonder if there is a better way.

In my looking into the issue, I have noticed one glaring misconception people have concerning insurance:

Most people think insurance is or should be designed to pay for everything.

Obviously, this is not how insurance works, nor was it ever designed to do that. So how does it work?
This is a very important concept to grasp so before I go any further, I'll put a mental picture as a distinct section here:


Imagine for a moment a giant pool, but instead of water, the pool is filled with money. Every person who has an insurance policy puts money in the pool, also known as the premium. Now, the reason why insurance companies can pay such high amounts in relation to premium is the amount of people putting money in the pool at any given time. Since the odds of everyone cashing in their policies at once are slim to none, and factoring in other assessments, the companies can drain out the amount they need from the pool.


Now that this concept has been established, please watch this video:

I have looked into the program myself and there are a few things that must be made clear about this:

-While it does operate like a regular insurance company, it does NOT call itself insurance.
-Also unlike an insurance company, MediShare does not operate on a profit
-The payments for health services, if you don't need to share the cost, operate more like a member discount club.
-It is possible to get a very low monthly share based on age and how many people are applying, but that will require a blood sugar test submitted along with your application.
-You can get either an individual or family plan, and if you are single and planning to get married, you can change it to a family plan

And here are three key parts:
-Unlike regular insurance, there is NO deadline or open enrollment period to get coverage.
-After some time, you will pay closer attention to how much medical costs are, thus shopping around for the lowest possible cost.
-If you want a plan, you also have to sign a morals clause, but that mostly consists of not using illegal drugs, not getting drunk all the time, and not engaging in premarital sex as long as you're a member.

For more information, check out their website:

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