Sunday, January 11, 2015

My Thoughts on Charlie Hebdo



Let me get a few things straight: I do not in any way support what happened to those at Charlie Hebdo; I say that since the majority of atheists are still under the impression all religions are the same (more on this later). I further pray that French and international forces track down the one surviving culprit and bring her to justice.


What if like many other tragedies, atheists at worst got the whole thing wrong or at best missed the point?

Here's what makes me think that:

According to several reports, there has been much tension between the native French and Islamic immigrants moving to France. The tension comes down to the immigrants thinking they only need to answer to Sharia law and the native French think they're proud of their culture while somehow saying all things are relative at the same time.

You see, one can't really argue that all things are relative or that all religions are the same and this tragedy is proof positive of that. How so?

If one really believed all things are relative, then letting people live would be no different than barging in and shooting people dead. If things were relative, then joking about a tragedy would be no different than mourning the loss of the dead. Yet we know this doesn't make sense. They are not equal to each other.

If all religions were the same, then a) each religion would yield the same results (or have results that don't make a statistical difference) and b) would have the same reaction to being the subject of parody.


Muslims seem to the only ones who do this. I remind you this is the same French magazine that came under violent attack for reprinting the picture of Mohammed from a Danish newspaper.

Also, if the French are supposedly so proud of their culture, how come they disregard the faith that founded their nation? I'm sure many people come to France and visit Notre Dame but every Sunday that magnificent cathedral stands empty, an interesting curiosity in an increasingly unbelieving nation.

For that matter, if they're so proud, how come they don't have children at a high enough rate to pass that pride to? Little known fact: the Islamic immigrants are the only ones in France having children. If the population growth rate included only native French, it would be either close to or actually in the negative.

So there you have it: this problem came about because the French claim they're proud, don't have enough kids to prove they're proud so what reason do the immigrants have to believe that?

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