Sunday, June 7, 2015

Atheist Idolotry



I'd like to start this post with a riddle:

What do the believed number of gay adults in America, the number of workers who get paid at minimum wage, and the size of atheists in America have in common?

Answer: they are all groups who we've been duped into believing are bigger than they actually are.

How do I know this?

In a recent poll, it was revealed most Americans thought 1 out of every 5 adults are either gay or bisexual; even the most optimistic estimates say the real number is closer to 1 out of every 50.

With the presidential election coming up, there has been talk about raising the minimum wage to at least $15 an hour; yet, at best, that would affect the pay of only 4.5% of the work force.

As for the last one, every atheist I've come across think they make up 16% of the population; the real size is at best 1.4% of the population. However, this one is different from the others because this shows atheists can't read a chart: the 16% comes from the unaffiliated, which DOES NOT always mean atheist.

Now, if this was a simple matter of getting numbers mixed up, then a simple correction would be made and that would be that…yet if someone lies to this degree, one has to ask what else is going on.

Then it hit me: this is all part of an atheist mentality that Italian writer Giovanni Gentile (though popularized by Pope Pius XI)  called statolatry. As one can no doubt guess, it's a combination of the words statism and idolatry and means making a false idol out of the state.

Think about it. When one doesn't believe in God, it creates a vacuum…one that winds up being filled with anything and everything. While one would be hard pressed to find anyone who believes in multiple gods, idolatry can also mean worshipping anything that isn't God. In the atheist case, this means making government the god.

In a poll taken by Pew Center, it was revealed that atheists overwhelmingly vote for candidates who want to give the state more power. They also overwhelmingly vote in favor of gay so-called "marriage", don't want religion to have any role in politics, and thus doesn't want the president to have strong religious beliefs.

And yes, I'm aware of the fact the poll also says most atheists are not for bigger government, but I have three questions about that:

1. Liberalism by definition means you believe the government has the solution to a problem. How are you supposed to make these views happen unless you give the government more power?

2. One could argue they were confused and thought liberalism in this case meant "classical liberalism"...yet why should they get a pass on that when "classical liberalism" is an economic viewpoint and none of the questions were about economics?

3. How do they explain the fact that every time atheists have been given power, it has ALWAYS resulted in the government overstepping its proper authority?

See, given that track record, atheists know they can't just force people into their views by the point of a gun. People remember when atheists did that and there's no way atheists can get away with it now.

So what do they do? They lie, they exaggerate and they whine.

The size of the atheist population is too small? Lie about it.
Want to force others to pay people at a rate you approve of? Exaggerate the size of those affected.
A public vote on gay "marriage" doesn't go the way you want it to? Go whine to the state.

It's all part of the atheist mentality: impose their will on others and if anyone complains, make up how many are on the atheist side.

Yet more proof atheists are idiots.

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