Saturday, June 20, 2015

My Take on Laudato Si, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Encyclical



Pope Francis' latest encyclical has made the news mostly about its take on climate change. I won't get into how over-simplified, vapid and asinine that is (mostly because an article making its rounds has done that for me. For the link, click here) so instead I'll list seven things that haven't dawned on people for one reason or another and why people haven't thought of them.

1. Salvation is still ONLY found in the Roman Catholic Church.

Why didn't people think of this? Simple: that wasn't the point of the encyclical. A pope can write one and not have it be about salvation.

2. He has NOT sold out to environmentalist wackos.

Why has this not dawned on people? I believe it's because in many Western nations (in particular the United States) a stereotype against environmental works exists. I'm not sure though whether that stems from environmentalists lying so much or their solutions not having any success. In either case, the Holy Father sounds nothing like them.

3. Pope Francis is NOT the first pope to speak on environmental issues.

Why do people not realize this? Again, a simple answer: the pope (regardless of which one) is not the first person people think of on this issue.

4. This is NOT a cheap shot at America or any nation for that matter.

The only reason anyone might think this is if they aren't aware the encyclical is available in various languages.

5. The definitions of greed and theft have NOT changed.

Again, this goes back to the stereotypes mentioned earlier except those often also tout plans that involve more government power and usurping individual property rights.
Let no one fool you on this: it is still wrong to take what doesn't belong to you.

6. Subsidiarity is still the measuring stick.

Why did people not think of this? Easy: most people don't even know what this means. Click here to find out.

7. He is NOT throwing out basic economic freedoms.

This hasn't dawned on people because sadly most people don't even know what those basic freedoms are.

I suggest people read the encyclical for themselves and not let atheists define it for you. After all, atheists are idiots.

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