Sunday, August 23, 2015

Only a Real Atheist Thinks Fogle Did Nothing Wrong



I've been following Jared Fogle's disgrace and while people are correct to say what he did was wrong, I put this question to atheists:

How do you know what he did was wrong?

I can point to where in my faith it says pedophilia is wrong (more on this later) but try as I may I can't find anything in atheism---be it a writer, a text or any type of atheist authority--that says this is wrong. The closest I can find came from the founder of NAMBLA but in that case, he was fine with it.

In fact, this question--along with many others concerning morality--will most likely turn up the same set of answers atheists always tout, yet it never dawns on them how hollow all these answers are.

"It's wrong because the law says so."

And it used to be wrong to let women vote, let minorities vote, and not let the federal government tax income….yet all those have changed.
The point is what if there was no law that said it was wrong? Would it still be wrong?

"It's wrong because we as a society have determined it's wrong."

Three questions:
Going back to the other one, what if the majority in a society says they're fine with it?
Given the fact Fogle knew full well society doesn't agree with what he did, do you think he cared?
Why should someone care about majority opinion when said person doesn't believe or support any moral objective standard?

"We can reason and deduce it's wrong."
This one is only slightly better but in atheist's hands, it misses a key point:
If you're going to use reason or anything for that matter as a standard, don't you need to first establish a) standards exist and b) standards should be followed regardless of one's personal feelings?

Since atheism is so emotion driven, I see no "reason" to trust an atheist when they say this.

"It's not good for children."

I laugh every time an atheist says this because 9 times out of 10, the atheist is the first to say sex, regardless of who it's with, should have no restrictions or consequences.

In fact, I'm going to let you all on a secret: atheists don't really care about children.
Do you know how I know atheists don't care about children? Because they babble on about priests molesting kids, but turn a blind eye and a deaf ear when a public school teacher does it---despite the fact even the Department of Education itself admitted child molestation is far worse in schools than in churches. As recently as January 2014, the Government Accoutability Office even confirmed public schools still aren't doing enough to protect kids from sexual predators.

But hey, teachers promote secularism so they get a free pass, right? ;)

Finally, we get to the dumbest arguments atheists make.

"Atheism doesn't say it because atheism is just about not believing in God."

I said this once and I will keep saying it until it gets through atheist's thick skulls:

Ideas do NOT exist in a vacuum. Your outlook affects your thinking.

"The Bible itself promotes pedophilia."

Believe it or not, there are atheist idiots who think the Bible promotes pedophilia. I asked atheists about this and they either couldn't give any examples or couldn't cite any verses that say it's to be believed at the same level as the Holy Trinity or the Incarnation.

So atheists can't say pedophilia is wrong anymore than they can say abortion is wrong….proof again atheists are idiots.


  1. The funny part is I just realized you only show comments that are approved. I wonder why you barely had any comments on anything. Also, I recommend this: I'm sure you haven't argued an atheist as sophisticated as this guy. I don't tell you to "push an agenda" or anything. I simply tell you to work your mind and fuel your faith a bit.

    1. I have looked into that fool and if you think that's sophisticated, then a pile of dog mess must be steak tartare to you.

    2. I honestly do not mean to be abrasive at all, I know text doesn't carry tone so I want you to know that I mean this with sincerity and concern. Why do you come across as so angry? Your blog is titled "Atheists Are Idiots" (1 Peter 3:9), you call this YouTuber a "fool" (Matthew 5:22), Also, the statement "Atheism doesn't say it because atheism is just about not believing in God." is completely valid--atheism is simply the lack of belief in a deity, it has no moral structure. Atheists turn to law which is created by man for morals which I honestly think is better than turning to most religious texts. There is a lot of hatred in many religious texts, especially for one lauded as being a religion of love. The christian bible has lists of people that you as a christian should kill (people of any other faith, people that work on the sabbath, people that curse their parents, etc.) I'd rather have laws formed by rational people than laws formed by a religious society that think I should hold the same beliefs as them.

    3. A fool in his heart says there is no god. (Psalm 14:1 and Psalm 53:1).
      No…it is NOT valid. It's a cop-out. It's like saying "we put a man on the moon because mankind isn't from the moon." It answers NOTHING and tries (but fails) to skirt the issue.
      You can think all you want, but you will be wrong all the same.
      The Bible says no such thing and I will prove you wrong if you even try it.
      Communists thought they were being rational. Should we follow their example?