Thursday, August 13, 2015

The "Amazing" A-the-tard



I must admit this took much longer than I thought to finally address but here we are: the sheer, unadulterated idiocy known as the "Amazing" Atheist (and I use the word amazing VERY loosely).
For those luckily enough to not know about this walking bowel movement, the moniker is the v-log name for Thomas TJ Kirk, a man so foul and Philistine even other prominent atheists want nothing to do with him.

There isn't enough writing space here to fully express how much I detest everything he stands for, so instead I'll get into why I wrote this:
In a recent video, he listed his top ten WTF Bible passages. Rather than put my loyal readers through his sewer of a mouth, I'll list here what those verses are so you can look them up yourself and questions that popped into my mind when he brought them up.
I should also disclose one other thing: I put these questions in a post to him a few days before this was put up; as of today, I have received no response. (SEE UPDATE BELOW).

Ok, TJ…you want to be exposed as an idiot? Here's why you're wrong on all the verses:
10. Deut 21:18-21.
Who are the elders they're talking about? Are they still around? Is there anything that says this teaching transferred into others? 9. 1 Timothy 2:11-14
Odd choice given his past history with women, but even ignoring that, isn't it obvious from the context Paul's talking about not letting women be priests and not talking about them being teachers in general? 8. Lev. 26:27-30 
What was meant by "high places"? Context shows that's talking about where idol worship was still going on. What did you think it meant? 7. Deut 25:22-12 
Again, another odd choice given your past history with women, but when two men fight, what are the odds a) a women will join in and b) even if she did, why would she ever think to do that? 6. Mark 14:51-52 
Proves nothing. Isn't it possible this is foreshadowing other events? 5. Ex 4:15 
Isn't it obvious context shows God is using Ezekiel to exemplify what the Jew's work amounted to? 4. Zec 13:3 
Did you not read the previous verse? Didn't it flat out say the prophets of the idols, the ones referred to in this verse? 3. Gen 16:7-9 
Again, did you not read the next verse? 2. 1 Peter 2:18 
This is just misquoted. It reads servants, not slaves. Did you not see where Peter calls himself a slave? Again, a broad point you missed. 1. Ex 23:20 
Why didn't you look at this: Was that too hard for you to understand?

UPDATE (May 14 2016): In the time since this initial posting, I still have received no real answer or rebuttal from him. Another atheist tried to fight me on this and even claimed he emailed TJ who in turn claimed he doesn't remember responding to this.
1. I don't believe for a moment he did email TJ.
2. Even if he did, I don't believe TJ responded.
3. Even if he did email him and TJ did respond, then TJ either is full of it or has a terrible memory because Twitter recorded his response and here it is:
You refute me so good! Me am dumb. You defeat me!

Not sure if that was meant as sarcasm or what, but it's not thought out hence NOT a real response.

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