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Reason Rally Goers Say the Stupidest Things!!



Question: why is it that secularists and atheists seem to be the only people in the world who speak on a subject they are not qualified to talk about, yet claim to have a monopoly on reasoning said topic?

I want you to deeply consider that question as I go on.

For those fortunate enough to not know about this, the Reason Rally was a gathering of atheists, secularists and so-called "freethinkers" in Washington DC in 2012. According to their own website, the event is meant for those who "know they can be good without God, that policy should be based on scientific evidence but not beliefs, and supports church/state separation".
 I put freethinkers in quotation marks because if said thinkers were truly free and by proxy promoted freedom, they wouldn't be so hostile to religious faith or any other opinion dissenting from atheist thought. Likewise, they wouldn't be spouting such idiotic and "unreasonable" notions like the ones I'll disclose here, who said them, why they're so dumb and where applicable why they should have done better.

"We're not here today to bash anyone's religion… but, hey, if it happens it happens.”
Who said that? That was Paul Provenza, the host of the event. 
Why is it so stupid? First, it doesn't show how one is good if you're wishy-washy about whether it's okay to bash someone's beliefs. Second, how are you being reasonable by stating a misconception about a religion? Worse, what if no one calls them out on it? How is that promoting free thought?

 "The American Constitution is a precious treasure, the envy of the world"
"Mock them, ridicule them in public. Don't fall for the convention that we're all too polite to talk about religion. Religion makes specific claims about the Universe which need to be substantiated and challenged."
Who said this? That was the babbling atheist limey himself Richard Dawkins. 
Why is it so stupid? Well, I'm actually glad Dawkins admits the American Constitution is the envy of the world, but that's odd coming out of his mouth since it states it was written "in the year of our Lord." 
Furthermore, it's okay to ridicule religious beliefs in public? I wonder how he'd feel if someone ridiculed atheism in public. After all, fair's fair, right? 
(As a quick side note, I have ridiculed atheists in public and in many cases right to the atheist's face. You know what they did? Oh, they tried to shout me down…but it never worked and in the end, I always put the atheists in their place. I guess challenging religion is fine, but don't you dare challenge atheism, eh?)

"Everything that we have that makes our lives possible exists because human beings have... made predictions based on those tests and then improved upon them. This is reason: the human capacity to make sense of the world."
"through careful empirical analysis and much thought that someone is looking out for me... I have concluded that this person keeping score - is me."
This was spoken by Adam Savage, one of the co-hosts of Mythbusters. The first one is dumb because although he is in a nutshell talking about the scientific method, and parts of it date back to either ancient Greece or Persia (neither area having much if any atheists), the current form (which includes inductive reasoning) was put together by Roger Bacon, a Franciscan monk. 
So let me make this clear in no ambiguous terms:

You cannot say or imply your group has sole claim to scientific discovery and a group in ideological contradiction to your own does not have claim when a) the other group created a key tool you use for your discoveries and b) said other group has won the majority of Nobel prizes for scientific discovery. 

And as far as this "the only one keeping score is me" bull…who told him to have two kids by a woman he never married? What score would he give himself for that? How would he feel if someone says he deserves a much lower score?

"What I did can be done by anybody."
Who said this? This came from a delusional young woman named Jessica Alhiquist, whose father sued her high school over a school prayer dating back to 1960. Even though there were no complaints from anyone else at any time, her father won in court and the prayer was removed.
Let me count the ways this one is idiotic:
1. No..she did not do anything because she was a minor at the time. Her father filed the suit.
2. Even if she could file the suit herself, how is she being good to other people by making a case out of it?
3. What exactly did she do? Looking at the case, it seems like all she did was badger and annoy people into compliance. Do we honesty want anyone to think this is how things should be done?
4. Contrary to her claim, no…NOT everyone can do this. There's legal standing, there's precedence, and there's just common sense. Anyone with a working frontal lobe and fire in their gut can stand up to lawsuits like this.

"Atheists are angry because we see millions of people being terribly harmed by religion, and our hearts go out to them, and we feel motivated to do something about it"
This is according to atheist blogger Greta Christina, a raging femi-nazi (a term I don't use lightly but I am willing to say that right to her face) who authored a book called (not making this up) Why Are You so Angry? 99 Things that Piss off the Godless. While I don't own a copy of it myself, I was able to get a sample read off Amazon that lists the first 45.
Don't bother with it: all 45 mentioned are either grossly exaggerated, missed the point, or overly-simplified. 
But what does she mean exactly by "doing something about it" and why is that so stupid? Does she mean use the state to curb religious influence? If so, then screw that: I've seen the consequences of that action. 
And who are these millions terrorized by religion? Does she mean those living in Mexico prior to the Cristeros War? Does she mean the religious people terrorized by homo-fascists who never think to go hire a different caterer or photographer? 

"If the atheists weren't closeted, it would be harder to hate us, because in the end, you can't hate what you already love"
OH YES…you can. This is stupid because either you hate something or you love it. You can't do both at the same time. Besides, love can turn into hate. Thinking people call that betrayal. 

"I can make the argument...that the only ones with true morality are us, the atheists. We are doing good because it's good and are doing right because it's right, and not for reward or punishment. We have love for each other, we have community, we have charity."
Who said this? It was spoken by magician Penn Gillette, someone who doesn't seem to know all the multiple atheist thinkers who would disagree with everything he just claimed. 
What's even dumber is his blindness to how circular his reasoning is. Then again, what can we expect when the two episodes of his old show on Showtime either got banned or only aired once because of his inaccurate claims about religion?

"Your stuff [religion] has to go over there, on the shelf with Zeus, and Thor, and the Kraken. With the stuff that is not evidence based, stuff that religious people never change their mind about, no matter what happens."
Who said this? Bill Maher, a man who has never met a foam-at-the-mouth statement he never liked.  And pretty high talk from him: despite the fact he's been proven wrong so many times, Maher just keeps going with his anti-religion nonsense yet has the gall to state his is the reasonable side.
Therefore, couldn't an equal and better case be made Maher's atheism needs to go on the same shelf as a flat earth, or the barter system, or the USSR? 

"We'll have millions more at our next rally!"

Okay, no one actually said this but their nastiness did come back to bite them. Although no official attendance figures exist, most believe at best 15,000 people showed up--about half the amount Reason Rally 2012 received.  Even a campaign on the event's official website only reached 25% of their target goal.

Atheists scrambled to come up with excuses, but I think the answer is obvious:

People are sick of atheism and want it gone one way or another.

Why even bother with rallies or events when even atheist group actions won't matter anyway?

But that's atheist idiocy for you!

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