Wednesday, August 31, 2016

10 Things I Wish Atheists Would Stop Saying


In a previous post, I looked at a few phrases I remember atheists arguing at one point, but I notice they don't anymore.

In this post, I'm going to look at phrases atheists still use and I wish they'd stop using them because they don't make any sense.

10.  "We're both atheists. I just believe in one less god than you do."

If the number of gods you believe in is greater than zero, then you're not an atheist. Period. There is no way around this. I find this especially odd since atheists also say:

9. "Atheism is just not believing in God."

Is anything in all existence nothing more than its dictionary definition?
And how does this explain the fact a significant percentage of atheists actually do think God exists?

8. "Babies are atheists."

Seriously, there are atheist morons out there who think babies should count as being atheists. This of course assumes you can ask a baby on their religious stance, but you might as well ask their stand on abortion for all the sense that makes.

7. "Jesus is just a myth"

Just about every scholar disagrees with that. "Jesus as myth" is taken about as seriously as biologists take creationism.
And before anyone tries that "those scholars are biased"...that's like accusing a car mechanic of bias when they tell you you're due for an oil change.

6. "Religion will die out soon."

Not according to growth figures, it won't. Projections show by 2050, Christianity will still be dominant faith of the world and atheism will shrink as a percentage of world population. I will go further and point out atheism can only at best keep 30% of its own members.

5. "You shouldn't impose your beliefs on others."

Yet I should be fine with atheists imposing their views on me? And what about teaching kids? Does teaching them "2+2=4" count as imposing your view on them?
This notion is especially dumb since it doesn't factor in how ideas are transmitted in the first place.

4. "A quarter of the world is atheist."

No..try just 2%. The 25% figure is the amount of non-religious people; you can be non-religious yet still think God exists. How else do you explain that the non-religious figure is further broken down into groups like agnostics and atheists?

It's simple logic: all atheists are non-religious but not all non-religious people are atheists.

3. "Hitler was Catholic."

I went in depth on this topic in a previous post so I won't repeat myself, but here's a brief summery:

Any evidence atheists use to prove Hitler was Catholic (indeed, the ONLY evidence atheists use) is a handful of quotes where he claims to be Catholic, and they then think this should be good enough.

Yeah...I can claim I'm a quarterback for the Houston Texans. Does me saying it make it so?

Besides, Catholics do NOT put someone to death for refusing to take down crucifixes, or execute someone in a gas chamber after they converted to Catholicism or get called out by a Pope who in turn calls you a "crazy and insane dictator."

2. "I won't believe in God unless you present evidence."

First off, what type of evidence is this demand talking about?
Is it scientific? Christians never said God could be proven scientifically. In fact, several things are believed without need of scientific proof...the scientific method, for one.
Is it logical? What proof can the atheist give that they'd believe logical evidence?

Speaking of which, what guarantee does the believer have that the atheist isn't going to a) act like no evidence was presented when in fact it was presented, b) act like they weren't listening or c) suddenly change their mind and say they'll only accept certain evidence categories that exclude the evidence the believer just presented?

1. "The Bible is just a book of fairy tales."

This one also includes the phrase "bronze-age mythology" and belief in a "mystical sky-daddy."

If I or anyone else goes into a library or bookstore and want a copy of the Bible, guess which section it WON'T be found in.

In fact, the fairy-tale section and the religious section are NOWHERE NEAR each other, so one can be sure any thinking person (ie any non-atheist) would never even dream of putting the Bible in the fiction section.

Therefore, "Bible equals fairy tale" is a category mistake--and NOTHING MORE!

Want further proof? This is a list of all the books with ban orders from various state governments; note how none of the books listed are fairy-tale books and notice how out of all the reasons given for the ban, none of them say the book belongs under a different genre.

So, who do you think I'm going to believe: book experts who know what they're talking about, or some atheist idiot talking out of their blow-hole?

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  1. "In fact, the fairy-tale section and the religious section are NOWHERE NEAR each other, so one can be sure any thinking person (ie any non-atheist) would never even dream of putting the Bible in the fiction section."
    So what? And, of course not.