Monday, August 1, 2016

15 Things to ALWAYS Say to an Atheist (Part 3)



This post concludes my list of the 15 things to say to every atheist you encounter:

11. I'll pray for you.

Yet something else I have to tell atheists because they don't have the sense to figure this out for themselves:

When a Christian says they'll pray for you, they're trying to be nice to you. They're not being condescending, or arrogant or superior to you. They actually care for your well-being...though heaven alone knows why since you atheists always act ungrateful about this.

However, if you prefer a Christian does something for you--as in, give of themselves--you're going to come across even more clueless since you're agreeing with the Bible...

...and if you're agreeing, then why are you arguing?

And to answer the next question I might get asked concerning, I will not substitute this phrase for "you're in my thoughts." Why not? The average adult has over 7,000 thoughts a day; do you honestly think you're going to take more brain-space priority than the other 6,999?

12. Do you worship the devil?

Yes, they do, but not in the sense of viewing the devil as a rival deity. Recall how in Christianity, followers of Jesus call God their Heavenly Father, who in turn is Truth Itself. In other words, there are no lies in God.
The devil, on the other hand, is called the father of lies.
It's telling what Jesus says about this connection:
Jesus therefore said to them: If God were your Father, you would indeed love me. For from God I proceeded, and came; for I came not of myself, but he sent me:Why do you not know my speech? Because you cannot hear my word. You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he stood not in the truth; because truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father thereof-John 8:42-44

13. You must be agnostic.

I'd like to present this using a format atheists love to use against religion:

If your disbelief is based on what you concluded,
could it be you missed something?
If you see no evidence,
do you really understand evidence?
If yours is both based on evidence and conclusions,
then why do so few agree?
If it's based on all that can be known,
are you not God?

14. Isn't atheism a religion? IS a religion. Atheism IS a religion like OFF is a TV setting.
Don't believe me? Explain why atheists insist on:
-making a big deal out of the fact they're atheists
-hock things they created like some TBN televangelist
-hold conferences and conventions promoting atheist ideals
-hold not one but two rallies about spreading said atheist ideals
-contains a stance on deities and the afterlife (and yes, denial and/or rejection of either and/or both DOES count as having a stance)

I can name plenty more but it should be obvious that....

Either atheism is a religion, and atheists need to stop claiming it isn't, or at the very least it's more than "just not believing in God"and atheists need to stop claiming that's all it is.

15. Why are you so angry?

Boy, do atheists have anger issues...and each reason is dumber than the one before.

You atheists get angry about religion infringing on women's rights? Too bad: abortion is murder and the child inside IS NOT part of the mother's body, If it was, it would have the exact same DNA.

Angry about infringing in LGBT rights? Too bad: you don't get to redefine what makes a man a man or a woman a woman and you certainly don't have the authority to either redefine marriage or sit idly by while someone loses their livelihood because they dare say to no gays.

To rephrase a quote from a famous British comedy group....atheism is not symbolic of an atheist's struggle against religious oppression: it's symbolic of their struggle against reality.

No wonder they're such idiots.

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