Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Gays and the Boy Scouts


I have recently received a copy of the letter Mr Voris talks about in the video and I can verify he is 100% right on the  two points he brings up. However, I would like to point out a few side notes that either he didn't have time for or was getting off from his main point:

1. Right after the statement about it not conflicting with Church teaching, the letter also says this:
 We need to use this opportunity to show our commitment to making Catholic Scouting a safe
environment for all youth in which the Catholic faith is taught, practiced and nurtured.

Here's my question: if that was the real goal, why even consider it in the first place, knowing full well the Church teaches homosexuality is intrinsically evil?

2. The letter goes on to quote the actual resolution passed. I'll spare all  readers the legal jargon and instead focus on the requirements needed to join the Scouts, which a) requires potential members to "subscribe to and abide by the values expressed in the Scout Oath and Law" and b) subscribe to and abide by the precepts of the Declaration of Religious Principles (duty to God).

Here are my questions concerning this: How can the BSA on the one hand say it's okay for potential members to be gay and then require them to follow the Scout Oath, which calls on members to be morally straight, something homosexuals are notorious for violating?
For that matter, doesn't the whole "subscribe to and abide by the precepts of the Declaration of Religious Principles" seem like a sick joke when the following quotes can be found in it?
Section 1. Declaration of Religious Principle, clause 1. The Boy Scouts of America maintains that no member can grow into the best kind of citizen without recognizing an obligation to God.
Section 1. Activities, clause 2. The activities of the members of the Boy Scouts of America shall be carried on under conditions which show respect to the convictions of others in matters of custom and religion, as required by the twelfth point of the Scout Law, reading, “Reverent. A Scout is reverent toward God. He is faithful in his religious duties. He respects the beliefs of others.”

In a nutshell, isn't it obvious by passing this, the BSA no longer believe in what they're saying?

Now, some may say "there appears to be a lot of talk of youths in the Boy Scouts, in particular the resolution they passed." Well, I'm glad you noticed that because although they are quick to mention youths in the resolution, at no point do they bring up the Scout definition of a youth, which if their age limits are any indication, means any boy age 7 to 18.

Let's ignore for a moment that Venture Scouting goes up to age 21 and let's instead focus on the fact the vast majority of Scout youth not only is too young to know what their sexuality might be but is also too young to even know what sexuality means!!!!!

I don't know where or how the BSA thought this was a good idea, and I don't care. In the end, Mr Voris is right: we do need a strong Catholic alternative and I call on everyone reading this to contact Dr Taylor Marshall who is getting people together to create the Catholic Scouts of St George which the Masked Angel supports 100%. 

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