Friday, July 31, 2015

My Thoughts on the Jesuits



On this feast day of St Ignatius of Loyola, I'd like to make my stand clear on the order Loyola founded:
the Society of Jesus, aka the Jesuits.

Now before we get too much into it, let me make a few things clear:
-This is NOT going to be a collection of conspiracy theories. All of my claims can be verified by several sources.
- I do NOT think Pope Francis is a false pope just because he's a Jesuit. For that matter, I don't think he's a false pope at all.
-If you know of a holy Jesuit, this is not directed towards him. There are several Jesuits living their vows in full accordance with their order's by-laws and in full compliance with the Magisterium. In fact, one deceased Jesuit, Fr John Hardon, is up for sainthood.

Lastly, I want to make it known that this is a very tough article for me to write. My family has close associations with the Jesuits and at one point, I almost went to a Jesuit high school for reasons I won't get into right now. I've also done the Jesuit exercises and I feel closer to the Holy Trinity than ever before.

Having said all this, I've now concluded Jesuits as a whole have lost their way and the order should not be supported until they change their ways.

Consider the following:
-Out of all the Jesuit run colleges and universities in the U.S, not one has the Cardinal Newman Society seal of approval…meaning their colleges don't do a very good job passing the faith to students.
- Every single so-called "Catholic" politician that winds up betraying the faith or pulls the old "I don't want to impose my faith on others" routine are almost all graduates of Jesuit colleges.
-In a March 2015 video, Michael Voris at Church Militant made a video about a former Jesuit seminarian. (For the video, click here).
-Shortly after the Supreme Court ruled on gay so-called "marriage", Fr James Martin, SJ, went on Facebook and made a post so sugary and so asinine no thinking person could in any way take it seriously. (and trust me: a rant is coming to tear it a new one).
-In Latin America, Jesuits have promoted an idea called liberation theology. While it has not been condemned as a whole, certain portions have been. Despite this, Latin Jesuits are still promoting the condemned portions.
-American Jesuits have their own magazine called America. In 2005, then lead magazine editor Fr Thomas J Reese was asked to resign under orders from the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith after it was discovered he allowed several published articles that ran contrary to Church teaching. In 2009, under the new Jesuit head editor, the magazine gave support to Obama in receiving an honorary degree from Notre Dame.
-At one point, Jesuit priest Robert Drinan was also a Massachusetts congressmen. When then Pope John Paul II ordered all priests to withdraw from political office, Drinan resigned but not before having a long career promoting abortion "rights." 
Remember that "I don't want to impose my beliefs" bull I mentioned earlier? Drinan started that. 
Today, there is the Drinan award given to abortion friendly politicians and no Jesuit has come forward calling to end the practice, even though it's given by a Jesuit college.

Now, to make it clear I am not entirely negative, here are some positive things to say about Jesuits:
-They were responsible for introducing Christianity to the Far East.
-Some of the most admirable saints in the Church are Jesuits (such as Francis Xavier, Francis Borgia, Peter Claver, Peter Faber, Edmund Campion, and many others).
-Most of the craters on the moon are named after Jesuit scientists.
-Jesuits invented and gave the majority of contributions to seismology. Even today, seismology is still nicknamed "the Jesuit science."
-A Jesuit founded Apostleship of Prayer, considered to be the Pope's personal prayer group
-Jesuits taught a young man about the faith, and that young man not only became a priest, not only became a bishop, and not only returned several people to the Faith during the Reformation, but also became a saint and a Doctor of the Church. Today we call that man St Francis De Sales.
-Their spiritual exercises…enough said.
-A Jesuit served as a spiritual director to St Josemaria Escriva, founder of Opus Dei.

My point of all this is in light of all the good they've done…what happened?
Why are they an empty shell of what they once were?
Why are they producing so many dissidents and traitors to the faith?

While I still recommend people go to any Jesuit run parish in your area today and gain a plenary indulgence (under the usual conditions, of course), stick to the writings of declared Jesuit saints in learning about the order, and demand the Jesuits change their ways.

Otherwise, more atheists will form, and atheists are idiots.

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