Sunday, July 12, 2015

Phrase Moratorium



I know it's been over two weeks since the Supreme Court ruling but…I'm sorry: I still can't get over it. Not only have I not gotten over it, I refuse to get over it. In this entire time, I've come across even more levels of heretical stupidity.

In fact, I've heard several phrases concerning gay so-called "marriage" that we need a moratorium on because they just don't make any sense and someone needs to point out why they don't make sense.

1. "It's the law of the land."

I see. So when they passed Jim Crow laws, no one should have protested that because "that was the law of the land?" How about when women wanted to vote but couldn't because "that was the law of the land?" What about poll taxes? Having no federal income tax?

Oh, I'm sure you meant you think gays have the final word. Nice try, but wrong.

2. "You can't break the law."

Yeah…there's a difference between not breaking the law and something that doesn't count as a law. What's the difference? Explain how the ruling can in any way be enforced.

3. "You can't trample on other people's rights."

Try telling bakers and florists that.

4. "Banning gay marriage is just like banning interracial marriage."

1) No it isn't. Banning that didn't change the one man and one woman dynamic. 2) Based on polls, racial minorities aren't buying that. 3) the law was upholding a racist legal order. Trying to say the ban on gay marriage was upholding a homophobic legal order is not only asinine but doesn't hold up to logic.

Speaking of homophobic….

5. "Homophobe!"

NO mental health group--NONE--recognizes homophobia as a valid fear. Granted heterophobia is not a valid fear either (despite what the Urban Dictionary says) but given gay activists behavior, they're either that or sociopaths.

6. "Half of all marriages end in divorce."

What they mean is half of all straight marriages end in divorce, which is a) wrong, b) wrong because several calculations say it's actually closer to 1 out of 5, not 1 out of 2, and c) even if it was correct, why on earth would we allow a different group marry if one group supposedly is so bad at it?

7. "Gay marriage is no different than straight marriage."

Besides the obvious thing wrong with it, it's also wrong because there's no fidelity in gay relationships and gays are also responsible for the majority of new STD cases.

And before anyone cries "homophobe", a) see #5 and b) that's not my opinion; that's also the conclusion of the CDC.

Think I'm lying? Go look it up yourself.

8. "Love won."

Hate won. You know how I know hate won? Because it's obvious gay marriage supporters hate people who disagree with them.
They hate voters because out of the 35 states who let the voters decide, 33 said no. If they were serious about letting people make the decision for themselves, then they shouldn't have whined to the courts.

They hate religion because religion asks them to take responsibility for their lives and we can't very well have that if we want to whine about "rights", now can we?

They hate different opinions despite the fact they want people to accept their choices.

And for those who think I forgot about gay marriage protestors, I have a stupid phrase they use:

"9 unelected judges."

1. It wasn't a 9-0 decision. 2. Even if it was, Supreme Court justices are appointed, not elected!

I just used one because the majority of the stupidity seems to come from the gay activists.

Proof once again atheists are idiots.

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