Friday, July 24, 2015

Protesting Pioneer Day



For those not familiar with it, Pioneer Day is a state holiday in Utah celebrating when Mormon pioneers first moved and settled in that particular area. While not an official holiday in Mormonism, it's still considered a key historical moment for them.

I bring this fact up in order to make one thing abundantly clear about Mormons:

They are NOT Christians!

I don't care if they seem like nice people. I don't care if they seem more clean cut. I don't care if they look like people we should admire.

When it comes to where it counts--i.e. God's plan for us in His divine will--Mormons aren't Christians, and that's not just my opinion: That's also the opinion of the Catholic Church and for every prominent Protestant governing body.

Still don't believe me? Take a look at what Mormonism actually believes…what those "missionaries" don't want you to know beforehand:

If this seems too much, here's South Park. And yes…everything in this particular episode is true:

Now, when confronted with these facts, Mormons will always--WITHOUT FAIL---react in one of two ways:

-They'll smile like idiots and not bother answering anything.
-They'll say something like "it doesn't matter what people believe; all that matters is if their belief makes them a nice person."

To that, I ask this:
1. If it does't matter what people believe, then why should I bother considering Mormonism?
2. If you really believe that, doesn't that make you an ignorant fool than a nice person? I can help out the homeless but I look like an idiot if I do that and believe the world is flat.

And then they'll smile like idiots and not bother answering anything.

Before any Mormon writes to me about this saying I have it wrong or I don't know what I'm talking about, I have access to all the texts Mormons are supposed to believe in, so take your best shot.

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