Sunday, July 28, 2013

Atheist Artwork is Revolting



For this post, I would like everyone reading this to observe these two photos:

Now, believe it or not both of these are pictures of what many consider to be art. The one on top is the Mona Lisa, arguably the most recognized artwork in the world. The one on the bottom is called Duchamp's Fountain. As you can observe, the Fountain is nothing more than a men's urinal, unscrewed from the wall with the name R. Mutt written on the side. (And no, I have no idea why R. Mutt is on it so please don't ask me.)

Why am I comparing these two? To illustrate a point on the effect of atheism on the world around us. The Mona Lisa was created by Leonardo DaVinci, a faithful Catholic while the Fountain was created by Marcel Duchamp, an avowed atheist. Why is the first so pleasing to the eyes while the second seems so disgusting and unpleasant? 

I believe this has to do with whether or not the artist believes in a transcendent reality, for if the artist or society rejects the notion and only accepts the material world as the true and only world, the viewpoint winds up reflected in the artwork and said artwork suffers as a result.

This is why one can clearly reach the following conclusions:
-The Mona Lisa is superior to the Fountain.
-Any work by Fra Angelico is superior to Piss Christ.
-The ceiling to the Sistine Chapel is superior to anything created by Franko B.

I can name and list far more but the point of the matter is this: if atheists really want me to think or believe the artwork of today is better than the artwork of years past, then they are either delusional, suffering from chronological snobbery or are just plain idiots.

I think we all know what the answer to that is. 

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