Monday, July 22, 2013

My Take on Trevon Martin



Oh, boy, do I have a lot to say concerning this mess and trust me, a good number of people will not like what I have to say but since no one else has the guts to say this, I WILL!!!!

First off, if you attended any rally in denouncing the court's decision, you are an idiot plain and simple.
The prosecution had no evidence to convict and in fact, this was never even supposed to go to trial.
Back during preliminary hearings, the county prosecutors couldn't find enough evidence to take the case to trial. Yeah, that's right: there wasn't enough evidence found by either the state prosecution or by the Sanford Police Department to take Zimmerman to trial  until an online petition from and the Florida State Attorney got involved. Even then the courtroom antics kept going as evident from the cable news blathering about it.    

Second, you are a bigger idiot if you have gone to these rallies and protested about Florida gun laws. Many have gone on about the "stand your ground" law, saying that it causes more harm than good. Stevie Wonder even went so far as to say he would never perform in Florida as long as the state has these laws. 
Oh, where to begin to point out how dumb this protest is?
a) If Wonder was consistent, he would say he wouldn't perform in any state with these laws, but over 20 states have either them or some variation of the Castle Doctrine. So either he doesn't really mean that or he's cutting himself off at the knees.
b) He made that statement in Canada, forgetting some parts (including the area where he made that statement) have "stand your ground" but call it something else.
c) Would Mr Wonder like to enlighten us about the gun control paradise he lives in or would he rather we not bring up how high the crime rate is there? 

Third, good luck trying to make Zimmerman into some racist monster. Not only is he multi-racial, but he also came out of hiding and at great risk to himself, saved people from a crashed truck.

Fourth, many protesters are saying people should not be judged by what they just happen to be wearing, so let's promote the hoodie Trevon was wearing the night he was killed. 
Ok....a) if you are going to wear a hoodie, it better have either your favorite team on it or your alma mater on it. If it has neither, forget it. B) As a recent picture from Liberal Logic 101 pointed out, if we shouldn't judge people for what they have on, then we shouldn't judge a white man if he has on a KKK hood, because that would make us look like hypocrites. 

Fifth, Eric Holder has no right to play the "we owe black people" card when he refused to prosecute a group of Black Panthers when they threatened white people from voting in a national election, violating the Civil Rights Act.

Sixth, we now get to the crux of the matter...RACE. 

Lest you think I'm going to go into a long rant about race relations in America, I won't. I will instead say how playing the race card is just idiotic. 
I also know I'm going to get some messages about how I don't get it, or I don't understand. Well, I do understand because:
I am multi-racial myself.
I believe each and every race has an equal right to walk this earth. 
I have encountered avowed racists, one of which was a black man who told me "The Black Panthers have the right idea."
I have been discriminated against because of my race; my family isn't that far removed from when Jim Crow reigned supreme so I am not going to listen to any claims about me not getting it.

Why? Because I have concluded there is nothing to get. There is no substance to any claim of institutional racism. It just doesn't exist. 

Now that I'm sure people welcome this breath of fresh air, I want to ask the blacks of America these questions:

1. Why do you listen to so-called black leaders when they want you to play the victim but you ignore blacks who tell you to take responsibility for your own actions?

If you doubt this question, when was the last time you heard from Bill Cosby?

2. Black Americans keep going on about how the system keeps holding them back because of their race, but would they like to explain how black immigrants from Africa seem to have no problems getting ahead?

3. For that matter, how do you explain how people of all races who immigrate here seem to have no problem getting ahead?

4. "Race shouldn't matter in the end," some may say. All well and good...but what about affirmative action? Are you saying we should say one thing but promote another?

5. Why do blacks whine about being victims?

I can name three races who historically had it far, FAR worse than blacks have: Cambodians, Native Americans and Jews. 
You say your culture was almost wiped out over time? Cambodians almost lost theirs in just a few years thanks to one man. 
You say you can't live your own life the way you want to? At least the US Constitution doesn't give the government the right to dictate every aspect of your life; at least there's no such thing as the Bureau of Black Affairs.
You say your ancestors were forced into servitude? So were Jews, but when was the last time you heard someone Jewish (the ethnicity, not the faith) use this as an excuse for when they fail...other than Passover?

6. Did you know by making race the issue, you are becoming an idolar? You are making a false idol out of race and take worship away from God? And if you still insist this was all about race and you still won't believe me....didn't a wise man once say that men should be judged "not on the color of their skin, but by the content of their character?" 


  1. Zimmerman himself made this an issue of race, it's on the recording. He profiled Trayvon because of his color and stalked him. Had he listened to the police dispatcher instead of ignoring the stand down there wouldn't have been an issue.
    But no, Zimmerman wanted to play vigilante justice, felt big and mighty with his firearm and was taking medications that list violent behavior as a side effect. At the very least he could have shot to wound but instead fired directly into Trayvon's chest and heart at relatively close range.

    There were two key witnesses to the event. One of them is dead and the other was unlikely to testify against himself.

  2. Vigilante justice? Oh, are mistaken. Zimmerman was part of the neighborhood watch, and even the jury admitted he had every right to be where he was. And what was 17 year old Treyvon doing out at 3 in the morning?
    Nothing else you said makes any sense.

  3. Here are two articles that shed light truthfully seeing how the media manipulates the general pop and they fall for it:
    Actor Romany Malco's message:

    And showing the difference between shotty witnesses as in the Trayvon case and video from Marley Lion's case: