Monday, July 15, 2013

Looks Like I Have a Fan (an Obsessed One, Mind You, But a Fan All the Same)


Funny way this video here came about....I was arguing points to an atheist ( a stupid move, I know, but roll with it for a moment) and I told the dirty looking fool in this video about how most of what we know about homosexuality isn't true. I then told him about this blog, knowing full well he would make a complete idiot out of himself and I was right.
(To be fair, I did try to warn him to not do this and just concede the point, but you know how arrogant atheists can get).

Anyway, this video goes on for a moment, so let's instead look at all the things he got wrong with his rough quotes in parentheses and mine in red.

(People not being born gay is not true because of being aloof to penises.)

[Ok, there's more to it than that but the point remains people are not born gay. If they were, we would see it in either genes, brain scans or identitcal twin studies. Also, he brings up links that just don't exist on his page.]

(This just destroys itself)

[No, it doesn't. You didn't even try to do it]

(People being born gay is proven by science)

[No it isn't. Explain how identical twin studies don't agree with you.]

(If God didn't like gays, He would have made sure gays wouldn't appear on this planet.)

[That makes absolutely no sense, plus he clearly didn't understand the parts about temptations.]

(This is basically saying you can change your own race.)

[Race wasn't even brought up and notice he makes no attempt at addressing any points made here.]

(you can't really do that.)

[We don't view it as morally wrong if you are a certain race.]

(Even if that [gays dying 10 to 20 years sooner than straights] were true, it doesn't affect you and I myself can't really complain about it.)

[This address NOTHING that was brought up in this point. Doesn't affect me? Where has this a-the-tard been the past few years? And why shouldn't you be at least concerned given the overwhelming scientific evidence?]

(If a smoker dies sooner than a non-smoker, then that's their fault, not mine.)

[This would have come close to a valid point...but ignores the fact we do know how dangerous cigarette smoking is but just try to point out how dangerous the gay life is...]

(There's a possibility that a good number of people who are straight are really gay.)

[Perhaps, but that doesn't change the fact we can't read minds so we have only people's own words to go on.]

(I don't know whether this claim is true or not)

[The figures are RIGHT UNDER THE STATEMENT, idiot.]

(Because most of these people show prejustice toward gay people)

[Follow-up interviews with people who voted against it tell a different story.]

(Have you ever thought of that?)

[Yes, and it turns out that's not true. So next?]

(Marriage is a man-made thing)

[REALLY? That's a surprise, considering every single culture in the world places emphasis on the strength of the family. Did every representative of every culture get together in s secret place and make this a law in some way?]

(People are still accepting that two men and two women can get married.)

[And? Far more people are accepting of contraception. How is that working out?]

(That's pediphila, my friend!)

[And two men having sex is sodomy. Your point? That doesn't change the fact 9 year old girls were still married off at one point to grown men.]

(How do you know gay marriage is for the worst?)

[I have a whole continent as proof: It's called Europe.]

(Lessing the amount of people in the world is not a bad thing. We have several billion people; we can afford to lose a few million)

[Who does this idiot think he's fooling? The world is not overpopulated. Even the UN gave up on that notion long ago.]

(These states are just saying they are viewing gay marriage as just as sacred as straight marriage.)

[Sacred is really pushing it but he missed the point on this: if gays want it legal, they should say let the people decide, not judges because, to paraphrase St Thomas More, "they have not the authority.]

(That just defeats itself)

[No it doesn't: this idiot didn't even look at anything. I bet he can't even name what speech I referenced in the start of that.]

(Most gays are now willing to accept their straight bretherns.)

[Try telling that to the Christian who got stomped on by gay activists because he dared to protest gay marriage. Also, notice he didn't even look at any sources on this either.]

(Again, this is their freaking lifestyle.)

[So let me get this straight (pun intended): you have the figures right under that as well as expert analysis of the figures that prove the point but since you don't feel like looking at it, you're going to ignore it?]

So...what can TheAtheistGamer learn from this before he tries this crap again?

2. Fix your reading comprehension.
3. Put the video games down and read more.
4. "It's their life" is NOT a valid argument. It answers nothing!!!
5. Take a damn shower!!
6. If you have links, great. More power to you...but check to see that they work.

I keep telling people atheists are idiots...and now I have video proof!!!


  1. Very good points. Unfortunately the truly stupid will argue it with you, case in point the video. Atheists can't explain the laws of mathematics, nor the laws of causality. They can't explain the obvious realities or the laws of mortality/order. Atheists can't explain knowledge since something they don't know could contradict what they think they know. The blessings in the immaterial laws of logic, amiss from the common atheist.

  2. What kind of nonsense is this? "Atheists can't explain the laws of mathematics". Are you talking about Euclideann mathematics that holds the limited notion that 1+1=2 or Astemeyer's premise that one and two are in fact the same thing observed from different precepts? Do tell me more about the atheist's lack of understanding, I'd love to hear more.

  3. How about statistics? Atheists can't seem to draw conclusions from them. How about physics, which a Christian thought of? Clearly you don't get it: atheists can't explain mathematics because under atheist notions, there shouldn't be any rhyme or reason to the universe.

    1. First off, statistics is mathematics based off of collecting and quantifying data. The simplest of children can do statistics.

      Second, physics originated in Greece, far before christianty started, and spread in Europe.

      Third, drawing a conclusion that an atheist cannot explain mathematics because according to "us", there shouldn't be any rhyme or reason to the universe, is in fact a logical fallacy based on, and only on assumptions. You did not take into account the level of education that person/persons have received, and how prepared the person/persons were.

      I would like to now point out that your assertion "there shouldn't be any rhyme or reason to the universe", is a false preconception about how atheists view the universe.
      Generally, atheists view the universe as objective, and everything in the universe being diverse under the objectivity of it (if this makes no sense, I will explain), which is better said as The Primacy of Existence. Your "rhyme or reason" reasoning is based off of a human mindset rather than an objective mindset, and in accordance with so, assert that because something exists it must have a reason. This is in fact another false preconception that theists have about reality. With that same reasoning I could say that black holes (which are the absence of physical matter, and because of so, are literally nothingness in form) are here so that they can rip apart physical matter from anywhere, but to also destroy themselves. But that is getting it backwards, and should be put this way; Black holes exist, and because their existence is very violent, they rip apart physical matter and end up destroying themselves. Denying the logical reasoning and accepting the reasoning that they were just created to do something is denying reality, and in so, being delusional.

      I don't really know why I got off on the topic of black

      Anyway, I guess to conclude. You assert based only on assumptions and false preconceptions of others (mostly atheists, but not limiting to just atheists). And you have no real understanding of what you think you're talking about, especially where things came from.

      A skeptic.

    2. Everything you said here is wrong.
      Kids can't do statistics. They can't tell you the difference between an average, a standard deviation and an upper bound.
      Second, physics as a science did not exist prior to Galileo and Newton is considered the father of physics...Christians, both of them.
      "No rhyme or reason to the universe" describes how atheists view the universe to a T. Atheists can't explain the discoveries of how things operate and the formulas used to calculate things. If atheists were even the least bit consistent, they would admit nothing can be known.

      So, I have the perfect understanding of how atheists think and I did and said nothing wrong.

      Now get lost.

  4. Exactly what the masked angel stated. And so lets ask the atheist before we jump into specifics how would you even be able to explain any of the laws if you are merely a molecular machine and your thoughts are just products of chemical reactions? For you to to draw onto conclusions you have to "assume" your mind does exist for you to conclude that your mind doesn't exist. This is self defeating in itself. All laws exist whether you know them or not. Still that doesn't explain where they came from. Thus they exist outside of humans, hence a higher power.