Friday, July 26, 2013

RE: Why is it necessary to write about Roman Catholicism?



Sometimes in order to defeat atheism, one must confront atheism head on; other times, it is more beneficial to go after what breeds atheism so the root can be pulled and destroyed. If past experience has shown anything, nothing breeds atheism more than confusion over what a faith really teaches. I myself have often tried to show atheists only Roman Catholicism is true Christianity, but they always counter with, "How do you know that's the only real Christianity when 30,000 branches all say the same thing?"
This is even more disheartening when my "separated breathern" spread lies about Catholicism, the same type of lies I have found at a website called CARM. CARM, while I'm sure they mean well, aid atheists in their distrust of Christianity (which I find amazing considering they have several articles refuting atheism).
I have read all their articles on Catholicism...and I am disgusted at each and every one of them. So, I will try every Friday (life outside this blog permitting) to refute what CARM claims about Catholicism, starting with the article found here:

Now, some points in the article get more focus in other articles so I won't go into too much detail here, so instead I'll quote some parts in black and my responses will be in red, so here we go:

[It is necessary to write a page on Roman Catholicism because there are significant differences between Protestant and Roman Catholic doctrines. Protestants accuse the Catholics of being unscriptural and the Catholics state that the Protestants do not have the true faith carried through the centuries by the Catholic Church.]

[That's not exactly what the Catholic Church argues. It actually argues that the faith as presented by Protestantism is not complete and misses too many key elements.]

[On which ever side you fall, the real issue is whether or not the Roman Catholic Church is representing true Christianity.]

[How does CARM figure? Wouldn't it make more sense to test BOTH sides to see which holds up more?]

[If you are a Roman Catholic, please understand that this site is not meant to offend you in any way.]

[Too late. I'm already offended. You should have thought of that before you chose to lie so much.]

[No matter who it is or what group is proclaiming truth, we know that the Bible is the Word of God and that no truth from God will contradict it.]

[Then why give Protestantism a free pass?]

[I urge you to examine what is here on this site and see if what is being taught here is true.]

[None of it pertaining to Catholicism is true, so next?]

[Apparently, it is Tradition that is the source of doctrines which are clearly not taught in the Bible, but which the Catholic Church still says are implicit within its text and elucidated through Apostolic Tradition. Some of them are as follows: The Mass, Penance, Veneration of Mary, Purgatory, Indulgences, the Priesthood, the Confessional, the Rosary, Venial and Mortal Sins, and statues in the Church.]

[And if that's what Apostolic Tradition meant, that would mean something, but it doesn't so it means nothing.]

[The issue is whether or not these teachings of the Roman Catholic Church are credible.]

[They are and CARM is full of it for saying otherwise, as will be revealed in upcoming posts.]

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