Monday, May 12, 2014

Faith Quickies


In  a recent broadcast of his radio show, Michael Savage joked that if Pope Francis was serious about wealth distribution, then the Pope should sell the Sistine Chapel ceiling to him for one million dollars.
Where to begin with how stupid this proposal is?
-Does he have any idea what the appraised value is? Somehow I doubt it, but it’s higher than 1 million.
-Is he aware no one in the Vatican has authorization to sell that ceiling? Mostly because the Sistine Chapel is to the Vatican what the White House is to the US.
-Does he have any idea how much restoration costs would be?
-If he has a million dollars to blow on artwork, then doesn’t that mean he has his own wealth to redistribute first?
The St Louis Rams recently drafted the first openly gay NFL player and the media keeps showing the video of him kissing his “lover.”
Now I am not so naïve to think the NFL is a bastion of family values, but I do know football players are quite religious and have teammates from different backgrounds and denominations. So, one would think the NFL of all groups would be tolerant (there’s that word again) of people who don’t agree with their view.
No surprise then they reprimanded and are now thinking of fining another player who tweeted his disapproval.
Now articles are appearing that say this is going to “redefine masculinity”  in pro-football.
Are they nuts or do they not understand what masculinity means? For our purposes, the root of the word came from a Latin phrase referring to the form and traits men were expected to have.  Even today, we have expectations of what a man is, despite what feminism wants us to believe.  So how are we going to explain to an impressionable child who follows this player on Twitter, finds this out about him and want to imitate him?

Today at Harvard, the school will host its first ever Satanic mass, fresh off the erection of a satanic monument in Oklahoma City.
I never thought I’d have to post about something like this, but one day I will put together a post about the evils of Satanism (no conspiracy theories, I assure you) so for now let me ask this:
Why is it okay to have this type of event at Harvard when you can’t say the phrase “man up” because someone might be offended by it?
For that matter, why is any sane parent even thinking of sending their kids to Harvard?

In yet another case of gay activists not giving a crap about people who disagree with them, a judge in Arkansas has overturned the state amendment banning same-sex marriage. Sure, the amendment was voted on by the people but since when have activists ever cared when the vote doesn’t go their way?
No surprise here: the judge that made the ruling is a registered Democrat.
Then again, this shouldn’t surprise me at all considering the type of state Arkansas is. Sure, it’s in the Bible Belt, but since Protestantism reigns, then everyone has their own view of God’s word with no objective check on it.
If there is no objective check, what’s to stop someone from ignoring the verses against homosexuality? It’s their interpretation and they’re free to have their own view, right?  

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