Saturday, May 3, 2014

If this logic was applied to other things...


The Angel Possenti:

In my last post, I talked about how the phrase "you can't legislate morality" doesn't make any logical sense in any way, shape or form. Why? Partially because law by its very nature is based on morality--at least in some sense--but mostly because the people who say this are really saying they---and only they--- have the authority to determine what morality is.

The biggest cop-out--or at least one of the biggest cop-outs-- concerning this mindset can be summarized with one sentence. I haven't met anyone who can look me in the eye and say they've never heard this sentence because that's how prevalent this phrase is.

And what is this one sentence? This big-bopper of a cop-out?

"I am personally opposed to [insert issue here], but I don't want to impose my morality on others."
(Note: although this could apply to any issue, most of the time this is used on abortion issues.)

I have never in my life ever thought this notion made any sense…yes, even back when I was weak in belief, I never thought this made sense.

Imagine for a moment if people applied this pseudo-logic to other areas:

-"I should teach my kid 2 +2=4 , but I shouldn't impose my belief on him."
-"I should tell that thief that stealing is wrong, but I shouldn't impose my belief on him."
-"I think people should learn new things, but I shouldn't impose my belief on others."
-"I should teach my two-year old how to use the toilet, but I shouldn't impose my belief on him."

If you're a thick-heaed atheist and still don't see why this doesn't make sense, let me make this even clearer:

1. It is impossible to go through life and not impose anything on anyone.
We all learn and draw conclusions from a variety of sources and each one tries to convince us about the truth.
2. We judge people on what they do, and not what they say they'll do.
99.999 times out of ten, the people who say they don't impose their morality on others go against the very morality they just said they believe. Speaking of which…
3. The supporters of the notion in reality don't believe in the morality they just said they believe in.
4. If it's someone running for public office who says this, they just want power over your life.

Only atheists are dumb enough to believe the notion and atheists are idiots.

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