Thursday, May 29, 2014

Upcoming June Schedule



June is going to be a big month on this blog, with covering all the ways pro-gay marriage people have their facts wrong, to what really goes on and what is really promoted (and what is not allowed to be promoted) at gay pride parades.

June is also the month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and how shameful it is that we no longer think of it that way.

So I have a schedule put together of what I want to cover and on what day. I'm not going to put it on here now because there might be updates I need to include, breaking news, or I might decide to do something else related to the overall theme.

In general, count on videos and well-researched articles about how evil the gay rights movement is, except on Fridays when I'll cover teachings concerning the Sacred Heart.

Stay in touch for all upcoming posts!!

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