Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Time to Send the Kids off to a REAL Catholic College!!


The Angel Possenti:

It's that time of year for graduation…time to send the kids off the college and have them explore the world….
unless you're a Catholic parent, in which case you dread sending the kids off, not because you have no idea how to pay for it but because you wonder whether they will come still Catholic.

Sure, we've all heard the horror stories about "supposedly" Catholic colleges, from the Georgetowns that have active LGBT groups on campus, to the Fordhams that barely teach the faith to the Notre Dames that give honorary degrees to known abortion supporters to other campuses who boo nuns off stage for having the audacity of teaching actual truths of the Church.

So what is a parent to do?

Luckily, a group called the Cardinal Newman Society puts together a guide for those schools who claim to be Catholic and actually teach the faith.

Now, keep in mind a good majority of both Catholics and even non-Catholic Americans have never heard of any of these colleges, which is why each school in the following list will have links embedded in their names to learn more about each campus.

So, without further delay, here are the schools in the U.S. which have the Cardinal Newman Society seal of approval:

-Aquinas College (Tennessee)
-Ave Maria University
-Belmont Abbey College
-Benedictine College
-The Catholic University of America
-Christendom College
-DeSales University
-Franciscan University of Steubenville
-John Paul the Great Catholic University
-Mount St. Mary's University
-Providence College
-St. Gregory's University
-The College of Saint Mary Magdalen
-The College of Saints John Fisher & Thomas More (aka Fisher/More College)*
(* As of this writing, Fisher/More cannot accept any new students on their physical campus because of financial problems)
-Thomas Aquinas College
-Thomas More College of Liberal Arts
-University of Dallas
-University of St. Thomas (Texas)
-Wyoming Catholic College

Quick disclosure: I am an alumni of one of these colleges. I will not say which one because I have ticked off enough atheists that they have now threatened my life, but I thank God every day I went to a school that did not threaten my faith and I feel sorry for all those students who go where their faith is under attack every day.

One other note: parents and students are now both becoming concerned about rising tuition costs, not wanting to be burdened with debt all their lives. I am not that far removed from college life myself, so believe me when I say the costs of all these schools are far lower than all the big name colleges.

Now, what if the student has been accepted into a Catholic college but it's not one of the ones on the list? What can be done then?

1. Make sure the school is not Jesuit run.
      Yes, I know Pope Francis is a Jesuit but that doesn't change the fact not one school in America endorsed by the Newman Society is Jesuit run. In fact, each and every faith-traitor can trace itself to a Jesuit school.

2. When it comes to the religious graduation requirements, see if you can get away with not taking the comparative religion classes.
      You know what comparative religion classes say? "All religions are the same." If you have to take them, try to sign up to Dr Scott Hahn's online course concerning Catholicism. Here's a link.

3. If you've already been accepted and neither part of 2 is available, look for either Benedictine, Dominican or an Opus Dei  run center.

4. Check to see if the school offers Latin Masses and if they don't, petition for it. If the petition doesn't work, find somewhere that does.

Keeping the faith alive takes work but if we don't stand up for ours, someone else will stand up for theirs.

Would you like that other to be atheists? Because atheists are idiots.

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