Tuesday, June 3, 2014

So We're Letting Kids Make "Those" Type of Decisions Now


The Angel Possenti:

While I was listening to this story, many questions swirled in my head…a good amount are questions that pop in your head right away but others form in the back…the type you don't think about in a conscious manner but they gnaw at your head all the same.

1. Since when do we let seven year-olds suddenly decide what gender they want to be? We don't let them think ice cream is better for you than vegetables but let's be honest: that's not a life changing decision but what gender you are is.

2. Does the doctor they interview seem to imply if your child wants to be the other gender, then parents should just go with it?

3. While the doctor interviewed is a medical doctor, he is not a licensed psychiatrist. So since he is not a psychiatrist, what weight does his opinion have?

4. While I do give them credit by admitting a true transgender case in someone that age is rare, wouldn't it have been a good idea to cite the DSM-V to see if parents do have an authentic case or at least steer people in the right direction?

5. Why do I get the feeling that people who are in favor of what the parents decided are going to come after me by saying how dare I suggest the parents impose their beliefs on their kid?

6. What about the child's sexuality? Yes, I understand the child is too young to know about that too, but has anyone stopped to think how the girl will understand herself later?

7. Speaking of sexuality, what about puberty? Sooner or later, it's going to be pretty obvious she's a girl and not a boy.

8.  How sure are the parents on knowing this is what their daughter wants? Could it be this is nothing more than a child loving one ice cream flavor now but liking another one later?

9. Isn't it pretty obvious the child is controlling them and not the other way around?

10. Would it surprise anyone if this family turned out to be atheists and this is nothing more than typical atheist stupidity?

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