Monday, June 9, 2014

The Roots of Homosexuality as I understand it



With homosexuality, we come to the issue's root: what causes homosexuality? In all fairness, I don't know the answer to that question, but to be fair, so far no one knows the answer to that question flat out. But we can figure out the question by eliminating what the answer can't be. However, before we do that, we must look at what the possible answers are:

Option 1: It's genetic (or they're "born that way.")
Option 2: It's a matter of environment; another way of saying it is it's nurture.
Option 3: It's a personal choice.

According to a recent poll, the number of Americans who think people are born gay has gone up from 13% to 47%. However, the number of people who believe something doesn't mean the belief is correct (unless we're talking about the Catholic faith, in which case it's the other way around). So how do we test the first statement?
There are three ways to do this: either by identical twin studies, genetic studies or brain exams.

For identical twins, their genetic code is exactly the same, so if it were inborn (or if they were "born that way") then they should either both be straight or both be gay. However, there have been enough instances where one twin is straight and the other gay to show genetics can't be the reason.

So since two people with the same genetics doesn't show a connection, what about one person with one set of genetics? Again, no connection: that would imply there is such a thing as a gay gene but so far no scientists have been able to find one.

So born that way? 100% busted.

Next up we have environment. Now, I've come across evidence that suggests most gay people don't have a good relationship with their dads, but I personally don't buy that because you're saying people who grow up without their dads are going to grow up gay. Come to think of it, the environment argument in general doesn't work because you're saying either one circumstance or a combination of circumstances triggers homosexuality.

So environment is 100% busted.

That then leaves us with saying it's just a choice, but whoa onto those who do call it a choice, right?
Consider for a moment the ramifications if it turns out it is just a choice: that would then mean you can convince people to make a different choice or perhaps have them rethink their current position, but given the direction gay-rights advocates operate, when have they ever been willing to rethink their position on much of anything? Also, if it is a choice, then there is no reason or legal justification for overturning gay marriage bans because it then becomes a ban on a choice we as a society do not approve of.
Besides, we have dozens of cases of people who were once gay but now live heterosexual lives.

In conclusion then, until overwhelming evidence is given to the contrary, I'm going to say being gay is just a choice.

And no one better try any of that "I tried to be straight but it didn't work so it can't be a choice" nonsense. I bet there are far more people who tried to be gay but it turned out they were actually straight, which would put us at square one.


  1. The first 2 options are not "100%" busted, you know that you can be born in a certain way without genetics being a part of it, maybe people are born gay because they didn't receive enough hormones or maybe they received too much hormones, this could affect the brain and cause it to grow in a slightly different way. Not only hormones play a part in the growing process of an embryo, genetics only form the basics, they are the blueprint but the actual construction often goes entirely different. I can tell you that being gay is absolutely in no way a choice, could you choose to be gay? I don't think so. A lot of animals also show homosexual behavior, animals can't make choices like we can so that would mean that being gay is no choice. Btw why would anyone choose to be bullied by people all around them and let people like you tell them that they go to hell? Who would like that, exactly no one. So please stop trying to explain that being gay is a choice with "scientific" explanations when you obviously don't understand anything about the growing process that takes place during pregnancy. Just because you belief in the Bible doesn't mean everyone does so please just stop talking and go pray or something, nobody wants to hear you.

    1. I'm afraid they remain busted. Hormones may be different from genetics but unlike genetics hormones can be manipulated by various activities. The very fact that people by their own actions can change what hormones do chalks everything back to it being a choice.
      The animal argument didn't make sense the first time I heard it…and it makes even less sense now. Considering what some animals do (have kids in litters, cannibalize each other, kill over territory, etc) are animals a good indicator of what human morality should be?
      Go back to your hole that you crawled out of. Everyone is sick of your secularism…me most of all.