Friday, June 20, 2014

Who Injures the Sacred Heart? (Part 3)



In the past three posts concerning the Sacred Heart, we've looked into who injures the Heart of Our Lord and Savior: Jews and heretics. Christians would agree with Jews injuring because there is no other way to God other than Jesus; most Christians would also agree it's important to know the correct teaching on God to properly worship God. But neither of these two groups cause the Sacred Heart the most injuries.
Because both of these groups--as much as they attack Christianity--are at least honest in saying they are enemies of Christ and you must give credit to people who are honest about their intentions. (I am of course quoting from the official text on the Sacred Heart). Indeed, these two groups can be shown the error of their ways and often are. Neither of these strike the Sacred Heart or caused more blood to be sweat by Jesus than this third and most prevalent group of them all:

Ungrateful Catholics.

Surprised? You shouldn't be. The Bible itself gives several examples of people who hear the Word but wind up damned, including (but in no way limited to) the parable of the Weeds Among Wheat (some versions call it the Wheat Among Chaff), the parable of Sheep and Goats, the Judgment of the Nations, several verses in the letter of James, and several in Revelations.

If Bible verses are not enough for you, consider these polls and facts gathered concerning Catholics in America alone:
82% of American Catholics do not think artificial birth control is morally wrong; the official teaching of the Catholic Church is artificial birth control is morally wrong.
56% of American Catholics are in favor of so-called "same-sex marriage"; the official teaching of the Catholic Church is these types of unions are an abomination.
60% of American Catholics either didn't know or disagreed with the notion that the pope is infallible when he teaches on matters of morals and faith; the official teaching of the Church is the pope IS infallible on these matters.
83% of American Catholics do not believe in the Real Presence.
Seven out of 10 Catholics polled said the Church should let priests marry, and let women become priests; the official teaching of the Church is ONLY men should be priests as they reflect Christ Himself. As far as marriage of priests go…that just shows how ignorant the typical American Catholic is.

Now, some may say, "Well, laymen may have problems but we can at least trust priests and bishops to lead people to the truth."

To that, I say there's a reason for the saying "The road to hell is paved with the skulls of bishops."

Now, this is not to say just because someone is a priest or bishop, then what they say is falsehood right away; the real point of the quote was that priests and bishops (yes, I'm counting cardinals in with regular bishops) by their divine office are held to a higher standard and can reach more souls. If more souls are damned because of their actions, then they pay a higher price for their failures.

After all, laymen may believe in a heresy, but it's often a bishop who invented the heresy. Some laymen may prefer to go to a pro-gay Catholic Mass and some may go to a Latin Mass but only a cardinal has the authority to close the latter in favor of the former in times of crisis. Catholics may choose to go to Mass on a non-Sunday holy day of obligation but the bishops have the authority to reduce the number of holy days (one state in particular has only 2--yes, just 2--holy days of obligation). 
And when was the last time the Ascension of Jesus was celebrated on a Thursday, not Sunday?

So, the next time an atheist accuses a Christian of not following their faith and think they're being cute or clever, sock them a new one because Jesus Himself beat them to it. 
Yet another proof of atheists being idiots.

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