Friday, June 6, 2014

Who Injures the Sacred Heart? (Part 1)



Today marks the first Friday in June, the month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
For those who don't know or were never taught the origins of such an iconic Catholic symbol, allow me to give a brief history:

The first recorded use of the devotion came from St Bernard of Clairvaux and St Francis of Assisi, both of whom derived the practice out of devotions to Christ's wounds suffered during the Passion. However, the practice as it is understood today began in a series of visions experienced by St. Margaret Mary Alacoque. Part of the devotion involves taking Communion on the first Friday of each month for nine straight months; this is why you often see Catholics attend Mass the first of every month.

This much is well known, but what is not as well known is three particular groups of people that Jesus said to St Alacoque that greatly offend the Sacred Heart. In fact, in the official book on this subject--written by Alacoque's personal spiritual director St. Claude de la Colombière--she flat out says in plain language who these three groups are and why they offend the Sacred Heart so much. 

Each Friday this month (except for June 27th, which is the Feast of the Sacred Heart) I'll be focusing on each of these groups. Let's start off of who the first group is:

The Jews

Now, before anyone writes or accuses me of being a Nazi or a racist or some other garbage like that, let's make one point absolutely clear:
There are two ways to speak of Jews: either by ethnicity or by the Jewish faith. I am not talking about nor do I concern myself with one's ethnicity. I'm multiracial myself and even if I wasn't, the NT makes it clear one's race is not a factor when it comes to salvation.  Besides, there are groups for ethnic Jews who believe the prophecies concerning the Messiah do refer to Jesus, so I am not talking about Jew the ethnicity.

What I (as well as Jesus through St Alacoque)  am talking about are the torments Jesus suffered at the hands of His fellow Jews. 
Again, I must clarify that this has nothing to do with the so-called "blood libel" but consider for a moment what the Jews did before the Incarnation: 
-they were the first to learn about the one true God
-they were the first to learn about the prophecies concerning the Messiah
-they were the first to have the covenant with God
-they were the first to have a priesthood and offer sacrifices to God

And what did they do with all this? Squandered it time and again. I don't have to go into each various verse; the faithless recorded in the OT is well documented. 
Now, some will say "those verses are only meant to be a metaphor for anyone who falls from the faith and not just Jews by themselves." 
First of all, up until a certain century, Gentiles did not know about Jewish writings. Second, one OT prophet said the word will be extended to the Gentiles; it must not have been extended to them at that point otherwise the statement wouldn't make any sense. Third, how do you explain all these indignities Jesus suffered during His life?
-being denied lodging shortly before birth
-having someone out to kill Him shortly after He was born, causing Him to flee to another country
-getting dragged like a criminal to His trial
-a criminal was preferred over Him
-was whipped half to death, spat upon, mocked, and denounced all during His Passion

All of these were either directly caused by faithless Jews or indirectly caused by their lack of faith. 

Lest you think I'm going on an anti-Semitic rant, consider what faithful Jews did after His Incarnation:
-a Jewish man and a Jewish woman agreed to raise Jesus
-all the Apostles were raised Jewish
-Jews wrote the majority of the NT
-most of the early converts to Christianity were Jews

That last observation is the whole point: as long as Jews (or anyone, for that matter) keep offending the Sacred Heart by not entering into the Church the foretold Messiah established, they cannot achieve salvation. 
And no, Jews cannot achieve salvation by continuing the practices laid out in the OT while Christians follow the NT; that's duel covenant theology and that has been dismissed long ago.

If it sounds like Jesus is being harsh to His fellow Jews, keep in mind this is the nicest part of the visions. Next Friday, we'll have a group that Jesus has even harsher words for.

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