Wednesday, June 25, 2014

List of Things You See at a Gay Pride Parade



Let me ask you about parades for a moment:
If you were to attend a Memorial Day parade, what types of things would you see? You could say US flags, people marching in formation, veterans…perhaps graves depending on the final end for the parade.

If you were to attend a Mardi Gras parade, what would you see? Floats, beads, bars, maybe a few drunks in public (this is in no way is putting down Mardi Gras as a whole, but I'm just pointing out what the first things people think of).

What do you see when you attend a gay pride parade? You probably think the rainbow flag and that's about it, right?
Oh, my….there is so much more to it than that.

I've tried my best to find a list of things you see in a search engine and as far as I can tell, this is the first one ever. I know I'm likely going to be corrected on that, and some are going to write and say "I've attended gay pride parades and you're lying" or some garbage like that, so I'm going to include sources that prove me right.

So what do you see at a gay pride parade?

-condoms being passed out everywhere…even to kids.
-full frontal nudity…even in front of kids
-Lubricants passed around everywhere
-Sado-masochism openly promoted
-gay spousal abuse
-tons of elaborate cross-dressing
-disturbing body piercings
-hateful and sociopathic rants against anyone who dares disagree with the gay lifestyle
(Sidenote: if you get into a brawl with the gay activists, don't expect the police to help you: 9 times out of ten, they'll arrest you for promoting hate speech.)
-pamphlets promoting such groups as the Leather Alliance. Speaking of which….
-Leather…lots and LOTS of leather
-a disturbing fascination the attendees have concerning children
-tons of transexuals

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